Me and my Sis-Peer.

These pictures are taken a long time ago… But i would want to share it with you.

Meet my bestfriend, sister and all-time “chika-mate” : Aline Joy Adormeo

We’ve known each other since Grade Three, so that’d be 5 years now. See, we’re these two people who argue on almost anything. Like, for example, if some guy is handsome or not. hahaha. Typical argument of high school students, I guess. Anyway, one thing that we’re always ‘on’ is facing the camera and fooling around.

She looks better here :D :D We actually captioned it: Vogue Magazine Covergirls :p

And she has to admit, i look BETTER here. Yay!

Used an effect. That’s my eye.

 I look like an “epal” here.

Dreaming thingy. hehehe

And this… is our cutest picture.

I think we’ve known each other for FOREVER already because of the times and problems we’ve faced together. From the tiniest matters like, crush problems to serious ones :) And i think she’d like this blog. She loves seeing her face :p

Love ya, Eyyy! :D :D

–jash xo

About Jashrawr

Jolog, adorkable, defying gravity ♥
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