GLEE: The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle aka THRILLER!

I was so hyped two weeks ago when I heard about what would GLEE perform for Episode 11.  I really love ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum and I thought Finn and Rachel would sing it, but, it happens to be Puck and Rachel. Well, I was not impressed about that at first but when I heard the preview… I’ve got my LSS :) hahaha. Plus, the whole “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” business got me even more excited.

Here’s the preview:

And the show proper…

Coach Beiste is such a sweet lady. I think she have done one of the most wonderful ideas ever. That’s combining GLEE club and Football. And she’s even cute while singing along with ‘Need You Now’

Though, this one made me wanna punch those Football guys:

Artie’s my first GLEE crush. Hahaha.
My mood’s been lifted up because of this very sweet Puckleberry performance although it’s part of Rachel’s “Make Finn Jealous” plan :) yay!

At first, i think She’s Not There was quite lame but when I watched the performance… the Football team is really cute. Hahaha. Especially, the black guy. I dunno his name but he’s the cutest of them all! I can’t find any picture of their performance, so I just placed this one :)


Of course, the Dalton Warblers electrified me once again. Blaine, you’re my HEART! But i think, Kurt should sing more solo.


Artie’s voice is a rock! I love it. Finn’s good at the bridge part. And cheers for Santana, I loved it when she sings the line: “Heads will roll! Heads will roll!” It creates a heartbeat effect. I would’ve listen to this all day. The choreography is very well-performed. And of course, i’m so proud being a FILIPINO because Mr. Schue said something about the Cebu inmates performing Thriller. That’s heart-warming. Thank you! Yay!

I bet Sue’s kinda sued up tonight for not making it through the Regional Cheerleading Competition and for being “Loser of the Year”.

All in all, i did enjoy this episode. It’s the longest, i guess, it run for 48 minutes or so if I’m not mistaken. But you know, I was disappointed about the ending. I mean, Finn and Quinn are so last year. And I think Quinn is way better with Sam. That’s just an opinion.

I guess, you’re craving for the upcoming episode this Wednesday… Here’s a preview for you:

GLEE Season 2 Episode 12 “Silly Love Songs”


-jash xo

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  1. jashpoppin says:

    Favorite episode! :)

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