This afternoon, I heard some of the members of Dance Troupe talking about tsunami. Well, I didn’t pay attention because I thought they’re fooling around. When I arrived at home, Lolo Daddy told me that it was true.

Due to the 8.4/8.8/8.9 magnitude earthquake, Japan experienced Tsunami.

Because of this, has warned New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hawaii and those others who are around the Pacific Ocean of a threat of tsunami. (sorry, I’m not good in screenshot captures)

For more information, try HERE.

And to those Pinoys who have family in Japan, you can call these numbers to hear some news:

  • DFA-OUMWA’s CMC: 028344646 & 028344580. Email
  •  DFA:24-hour hotline numbers and Email available for those with families in Japan 

Don’t just pray for Japan. pray for New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii and others. PRAY FOR EVERYONE.


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