Movie afternoon

My bestfriend, Aline and I decided to watch movies today because:

QOTD: “Nakaipon ako ng 300. Tamo! sabi ko sa’yo eh, makakaipon ako.”

We went to Delgic and picked three movies– Easy A, Tangled and Never Let Me Go. I’ve already watched Never Let Me Go but she insisted to buy it. Most of our classmates said Tangled is a nice movie. And I got to choose Easy A since I haven’t finished it yet.

We actually watched Never Let Me Go last. I love this movie because it has a sad ending. I don’t know how Aline liked this movie though. It’s my second time to watch it so I didn’t cry.

Oh, Tangled. It’s really funny. Favorite line: “I wanna get out of your hair-literally.” We keep laughing during the whole movie. And I keep remembering my classmate, Nikko, while watching it because of the horse named Max. It was nice and catchy but I grew up knowing Rapunzel’s story that’s why it didn’t made so much difference.

We actually watched Easy A first but Imma write it on a separate blog because it was our favorite for the day :D


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