Say hello to my Stuffed Toys and Pillows.

It’s probably a childish act but I named my stuffed toys, all of them.

Yapee– is the bigger bunny. He’s my recent stuffed toy since I got him when I was grade 6. I named him Yapee after the name of a famous stuffed bunny they had in my favorite anime, Special A.
Skittles– is from my classmate Paul. I got the name Skittles from this site called I was addicted in playing in there before. You bet!

Bluebie– from my Uncle Manuel. He’s from Taiwan :)
B2- he’s not mine. He’s Jose Mari’s

Tennie– is my brother Daniel’s. He got him when he was kinder but I kinda own this little thing too. He almost got lost thrice but we’re lucky to always find him.

Tobels– short for Toblerone (my favorite chocolate brand), I received this from my friend in Grade 5. Oh, she looks creepy in the picture but she’s cute in real life. She’s once Chilax’s (my dog) toy.

Azie-  the pink and the largest is my least favorite doll but I keep her since she was the first doll I got from my mom.
Bridget– is the smaller pink one. From my Aunt Nancy.
Coralyn– Nope, I didn’t name her after Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, she has a tag saying that’s her name. She’s one of my favorite :)
Sheley– is that pink Hello Kitty there. She’s from McDonalds.
And finally, this is my KFC pillow collection. Consist of Powerpuff girls and Betty Bop. I don’t like Betty Bop, honestly. She looks like a female you-know-what. Though, I have to keep the pillow or my mom will get mad at me.

There, you’ve already met them. I’m actually allergic to dust and I have sinusitis almost every month. We all know that stuffed toys are keepers of dust but I think they don’t pollute my nose in any case naman so it’s still safe to have them sitting on my bed.

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