Junior Year: Brigada Eskwela 2011

Last May 28, 2011 was our Brigada Eskwela. Each year will duty for one day and clean as much mess as possible. As for us incoming third years, we cleaned our own area. First thing we did, line up for registration:
Aline and I chatting while waiting for our turn.
Then, wait for our assigned areas. Together with my groupmates, we’re assigned in N-type building first but these guys were first there. haha! HELLOOOOO!
Melbert, Jaiyo and Joatham
Carlo :)
Mark Roe is the cutest!
Hi Ma’am Lagman! She’s the SSG Head :)
Ok, so change course. Cherry came and told us to go inside the E-type building but apparently, we’re afraid to enter that building since there are a whole lot of rumors circulating in our school about it. We went to Main Building instead.
SSG Officers
First thing we did was carry armchairs inside the room of one of our teachers. Then, second mission is carry dirty chairs inside two rooms. And the third mission is pull out weeds. Oh , don’t even think that it’s an easy task. We would have not finished it if there weren’t a lot of us working. haha
Shaina, Angel, Kaeremon and Kuya Darren sweeping using bunot.
Jueann pulling out weeds.
Our team pulling out weeds. haha.
I think we’ve filled 3 full sacks of weeds. That’s not including the weeds pulled out by other teams. After pulling out weeds… what happened next? Of course, rest! We stayed inside Main for a while then went out to buy drinks. I almost fainted when I saw Jazz on the roof. haha. He’s cleaning it with Antonio.
Jazz and Antonio.
Bakit mas madaming picture ang boys? haha. Because I only grabbed these photos from Paul and since he’s a guy, he’s with them. Anyways, we: Czam, Aline, Ate Julie, Ate Mai and a newcomer, Ara Mae chatted for the rest of the morning. Funny how school activities always turn out to be blings for barkadas.
Photo of the day:
Aline, Me and Jazz :D
Thank you Paul for the photos. Loved them!

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