Good Morning Main!

Good evening blog. I’m about to blog this last one school update at about 6pm but I got this sudden “Freddie Highmore Fever” when I watched the trailer of The Art of Getting By.
Anyways, last Thursday our adviser asked for our help to clean the front of Main Building because of the upcoming Fun Run tomorrow. This event is for commemorating the 150th birthday of our national hero, Jose Protacio Rizal.
Don’t you just love how sky can make a picture colorful? Hello, there MB!
Picked up our cleaning material and started working under the sun. Yipeee! It kinda feels like Brigada Eskwela.
Most of the things we did are pulling out weeds and sweeping through the entire area. It’s pretty exhausting because the sun is rising. But as Ate Julie told me it’s good for bones because of Vitamin D.
I was quite laughing because Andrew sang “Magtanim Ay Di Biro” and I was imagining myself as a farmer.
While working, we even talked about the Science Fair and Buwan ng Wika. I hope we really bag awards this year. Keep the faith! Haha.
So to say, I’m not just standing there. It just happened that I was resting for a bit when Paul took the picture.
Echosera. Yes, I DO LOVE TO BLAB.
After cleaning for almost 30 minutes we’re off to head back to our room…
But wait! Before that, we had a wonderful picture taking first! I’m so loving my classmates :))))))
III-LV (Batch 2010-2011) with Manuel Quezon at the back. hehe
We still look fresh even if we’re under the sun for 30 minutes.
Stolen lang :p
And the best photo will be… our FAILED JUMP SHOT! We’ve been trying that for years but we always fail. Anyway, it’s better that you tried than you didn’t do anything at all. I love LV!
That’s all for the school updates. Might update you again soon. As for now, gotta focus on my study. Thank you again, Paul for the photos.
Goodnight! xo

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2 Responses to Good Morning Main!

  1. Dawn says:

    Not everytone is in that picture…we're not there, but that's ok.. we are so industrious that's why we weren't there.. XDDD

  2. jashpoppin says:

    I thought you're in there. Sorry! :(

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