Due to the mix up of photos, the following are of unknown day and situation. Just look at them and feel free to contemplate their handsomeness, prettiness and cuteness. Ness much?!
To those who don’t know what ESEP and DOST means, there you go!
John Mark :) :) :)
Starting from left: Cherry, Grace, Shiela, Cristel, Lianne and Lea
Our teacher in Physics made us do toy cars which will move with just the balloon as it’s “diesel”. Apparently, there are only two cars that were captured. How could you miss on the other cars, Paul?
Our TOY CAR :p
I can’t remember whose is this:
Presenting the very “usable” DOST faucet!
John Mark, Jean, Paui, Jana, Kezia and Radylene
CMAC ONCE AGAIN. (Blog nyo ba ‘to? Dami nyong picture eh. Hahahaha)
Czam, Jana and Kezia
The ultimate ANIME Lovers of Quezon High :)))
Coming up next: Good Morning Main!

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Jolog, adorkable, defying gravity ♥
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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. Dawn says:

    Hey! I can't remember that one!! But thanks ^^ we are the ULTIMATE ANIME LOVERS OF QNHS!!!

  2. jashpoppin says:

    @Dawn: TRUE! :) You love ANIME so BIG. heehee

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