Welcome to QNHS’ Big Grandstand where all of the big events in the school are being held. Good thing is, it’s not only for school affairs, it’s also for TLE and MAPEH classes which students enjoy since they have to walk and talk through their way there. haha
This stuff-if i’m not mistaken-is from our TLE room under the stairs of BG. TLE is like one of our favorite subjects simply because we’ve got a very funny teacher. It’s my first time to have a teacher who’s got a music playing inside his room. Last Thursday, he even allowed us to play the Lazy Song while he’s off talking to one of his co-teachers. Pretty cool! WATCH IT HERE ;) We even had some picture taking.

A few days back, I was even elected as muse of our class so I had to be in line with these girls in the curricular election. Thank God, I didn’t win!
Other Grandstand pictures:
LV Boys
Some of the LV girls :)
Best photo for this blog:
I think this one’s from one of the vandalism in BG. But it’s pretty much a nice vandal.
Photos from Paul Ydnar Julo. Sorry for the low quality, I only grabbed it from facebook but they’re still nice, though :)

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