Camera Glued

Well, it’s not obvious that III-LV students love the camera so much that they want to have pictures on little events. Anyways, everyone has the right to do what they want and we pretty much do :)
These pictures were taken two weeks ago. Thank you again, Paul for thee pictures.
If I’d tell every single name of my classmates, there’s a possibility that you’ll get confused so, no. haha!
On the way to the Main Gate…
Jazz and Hendrix
Ok, so this is me trying to get a “stolen” shot but failed!
G’anne and Meanne
Jean and Paui
Chugs Chugs! with Cydrick and G’anne
Cydrick, Jazz, Jueann and me. As usual, tinamad na naman si Adrian sumama sa picture.
I dunno why I posed the “Pambansang Pose of Philippines” but oh well, close up!!! (And my hair is getting longer, I might get a haircut before my 16th birthday)
For an update, ABJ3 is on a sort of “cool off” in the present because of different circumstances. Not that all of us are mad at each other. Actually, I feel bad that Jueann’s getting torn between all of us (gosh, I think I misspelled torn earlier on my tweet). I hope we’ll fix this soon, especially me.

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