Albom Inspired

Books have been my only companion during my social absence. I am lucky enough to have friends who own Mitch Albom books that I’ve finally read them.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

“No life is a waste, the only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we were alone.”

I’ve got interested with this book because I heard that it has a Philippine feature in it since Eddie, the main protagonist, has served in the Philippines during the Second World War. I am very touched by this book. Mitch Albom has a way with pens. I mean, he can write an inspiring story that you won’t get bored because of the juicy details and humorous effect it can give you. Plus, the lessons for every person are worth remembering. This is my favorite Albom book!

For One More Day

Well, I can relate to the story of this novel. Like Chick, my parents are also separated. Like Chick, I always disapprove of my mom and I always try hard to impress my father. This book made me realize how much mothers sacrifice for their children. We all try to avoid this by being too hard-headed but one day we’ll realize our wrong. I guess, right now we should start understanding our mothers instead of regretting every single day of our life that we never understood them.

Right now, I wanna read Tuesdays of Morrie but I still need to look for someone who has a copy. Anyway, I hope after you read this, you’d get interested into reading Albom’s book. They don’t alter your faith in life,they simply touch your heart and make you hear it’s beat once more.


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