Ang Bayan Ko’y Ito

Better late than never! Last month we had our yearly celebration of Buwan ng Wika. And it’s a tradition for the Quezon Highers to join every contest available for them. That tradition aren’t new to us, Juniors. But before all the congratulatory approach, I wanna share with you first this pride we all had this year.

Sabayang Pagbigkas is the most intense competition among all year levels. Apparently, it is only available for third years and fourth years. I’m not part of their group but I’m one of the proudest and happiest people for them.

The piece is entitled “Ang Bayan Ko’y Ito” by Jose Villa Panganiban. Here goes the thrill: (the pictures are in random since I only grabbed them from my classmate, Jana Avengoza)

“Pilipinas… Pilipinas… Ito ang bayan ko!”

If you’re present during their performance, I know you’d feel the chills travel through you spine. It’s very intense and meaningful.

I just love Jean, Leoniedeth and Hendrix. They’ve got the most convincing face expressions.

And of course, Joshua! Everybody loved the “itinalaga ng Diyos” part (yun nga ba yun?)

And here goes the climax AND the funniest bit of the performance. Nikko, you already!

This is the SCARY part (literally!). Imagine people all holding on to you as if begging for help.

“NGUNIT!” And the funniest part! Wanna know what happened? The act is like a hero is about to die but then it seems like he remembered something and a force stopped him from falling down. Priceless!

The performance is about to end and all throughout all I felt is nervousness and excitement. I’m proud to say that my co-ESEPs didn’t just put pretty faces and glittering glamours on this competition. This is a work of blood and sweat, will and determination and lastly the sake of raising the flag of our batch.

You guys are awesome! Congratulations and may you (we, all of ESEP) win next year. Stay humble!

Also to these people: Lea Nuera (3rd Place in Poster Making), Cristel Mapacpac (3rd Place Essay Writing and Yours Truly (yep, ibibida ko naman yung sarili ko!) for winning 2nd Place in Essay Writing Contest.

Congratulations ESEP Juniors! Until next year.


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