Arcelinian Schivalle

My first year high school is the most exciting and happiest year of my high school life!

The first time I stepped into Quezon High, all I thought about is I will never accept this school as my new home. Maybe because I was so attached with my elementary school. Luckily, most of my elem classmates are with the same section as I am.

We are I-AV (ESEP A). The highest section of all QNHS, the ‘cream of the crop’ as my teacher in English called us. Apparently, at that time we were the most disorganized, noisiest and un-unified section in first year. We had troubles cooperating. Our teachers thought we’re too smart that’s why our thoughts clash. After tasting all the defeats and having teachers get mad at us, we’ve changed a lot.

Cooperation started during our English performance of a song called “Philippines, My Philippines”. And that continued on until Ibong Adarna.

Since we need to make a compilation, I brought in my camera that year and had some picture-taking of the staffs and crew.


 Album designers

Propsboys and girls

Make up artists!

Uh, technicals? haha I love Timothy’s expression!

I can’t remember what’s this for.

Awww, they’re so cute!

Aline and I, look how young we are at that time. And my hair is cut so short. haha

Me, B’anne and Jerizza.

Haha (that’s all I can say)

We had our ESEP Day which made our batch a little close with each other.


Paui and me.

‘Couple dance’

Actually, after the ESEP Day, all of us cried because we saw the new sectioning. Aw. Nonetheless, we promised to stay in touch.

Cherry, Aline and I during our MTAP

Dazwasfrensareforce, but some are missing. haha. That name is invented by Czam. It’s not an official barkadahan, it’s more of a circle. Anong connect?

And during Teacher’s Day, we visited our advise, Mrs. Araceli Valle!

I so miss these MALIGALIGS. It’s been a long time since we last had our reunion. Kelan ulit? hehe


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