Science Clubbin’

Yesterday was Science Fair and you can’t imagine how busy we are, even busier than the past two years of our high school life. But anyways, congratulations to all the Juniors who won yesterday especially to my co-ESEPs:

  • Collage Making (na may laugh trip pa because of Kezia, if you know what I mean)
  • Cheering Competition (They were the champion last year and believe me guys, YOU DESERVE that award. I especially loved the STEP UP 3 parts!)
  • Jingle Making Competition (Again, we’re 2nd place but the good thing is we still won. We actually thought we won’t! Congrats Seniors aka ADU for winning 1st!)

We still don’t know the results of the individual category and the Search for G. at Bb. Agham is happening as I am writing this down but I’m pretty sure we’ll landslide the Science Fair once more (ang yabang lang?!) haha. But so to speak, our batch is pretty good in making things spark in our own way. Proud to be ESEP Junior!


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