Conceptualizing Forever

“Nothing lasts forever.” That’s what most people say yet they can never really explain it properly.  Forever is a conspicuous word. You’d never know whether the one saying it really means it or if he really  means it, you’d think he was joking. And maybe that made some people believe that that word does not exist. But I chose to believe in it and I’d be willing to defend my side.

A lot of sensible people out there are probably debating over the clash of science and religion, economy and business. But the most talked about topic among young people is the conception of forever. I once thought that forever is nonexistent and that only those who are drunk in love clings to it. At least not until I read Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. In some ways, my friend was right that it’s just an opinion of the author and that just because she said it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Forever, as Sarah Dessen wrote it is happening right now, it could be a minute, an hour, a year and we’re the only ones who can put an end to it. To a person like me who has a bitter out-view of life would’ve not believed in it if it wasn’t said that good.

I believe in forever because it’s the strongest foundation that supports into having faith to the happy things that we thought will never happen to us. It bends the light into us whenever we feel lost and we can’t find a hand to hold on to. It is a promise that’s meant to be broken but we still hope to last anyway.

We can’t hold on to the things in our life forever because we make our forever. We build it inside us with pure admiration in the hopes that we can make it happen. We thought it’s not because we’re blinded with others’ beliefs but if we look into our own we’ll realize that it’s just there. And only those who are willing to accept it, will see it.

It’s up to you whether you’ll believe in it or not. But think about this: we believe in ghost even if we haven’t seen one and we believe in love even if we haven’t had one.


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