The Social Network

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without getting a few enemies.”

I tried watching The Social Network for three times during the summer but I always fail to arrive at the fifteenth minute. Honestly speaking, it was because of Jesse Eisenberg’s way of talking. There are subtitles and all but I seem to stumble through his words. But oh well, last Sunday, I got bored and finally–on my fourth attempt–I finished it. Hahaha ( I guess that depends on the mood of the viewer?) I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MOVIE and I can’t stop thinking about it. Hahahahaha

The Social Network is based on the novel, The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, and Eduardo Saverin (Facebook co-founder) as his consultant. (The book’s cover is so cool, I wanna have a copy. But I don’t think I’ll ever found one here in Nat’l Bookstore Lucena)

Movie trailer

And the awesome casts!

Twin Suer (Armie Hammer as both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss)

Their “Oh So Smart (but cute)” Partner haha (Max Minghella as Divya Narendra)

The Bad Guy (Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker)

The Forgotten CFO and Best Friend (Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin) I don’t like Andrew Garfield before but seeing him in Social Network, I got mesmerized by his cuteness. Haha. Especially, the “chicken” part, if you know what I mean.

Andrew Garfield beside Brenda Song (Christy, her movie girlfriend) Sayang, they broke up near the end of the movie. Ooooopsss, spoiler?

I hate Mark at this moment. Ugh.

The Geek/Punk Founder (Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg)I just thought he was an unfair person, really. But anyway, thanks to him, we have Facebook.

The movie revolves around a discussion and the narration of what happened during the past that brought the guys into their seats at that moment. I found the movie really interesting, funny but full of wit, life-changing and heart-warming. Eduardo Saverin is my favorite amongst the character, not because he was portrayed by Andrew, but because he’s had all the betrayals and pains. I just know how that feels!

For those who’ve watched… I thought it’s non-conclusive. There are narrations but it’s still not enough. What happened to him and Erica? Or even, between Mark and Eduardo? Really interested.

For you guys who haven’t watched this yet (anoba, 2011 na?) DO WATCH IT. I’m sure you’ll get a thing or two :)


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