Waiting and Failing

“I’m captivated by you baby like a firework show…”

I don’t know what message Sparks Fly is telling you but to me, it’s about WAITING.

Putting up and keeping your feelings for somebody is a big effort. But sometimes, it sucks to know that no matter how big that effort is, it’s not enough to make him see you. People get tired. Everyone gives up. What are you supposed to do in times like this? Times when he’s looking sweetly to a girl and all you can do is stare while passing by them and you know that he actually likes her.

Why do we wait for somebody?

  • Because we need something from him.
  • Because we have that hope that there might be something good to happen.
  • Because you thought he likes you too.

A lot of people have gotten hurt because of waiting, right? A girl for her childhood sweetheart. A girl for her guy bestfriend. A girlfriend for her always-away boyfriend. That’s why no matter how bitter this may sound to you, don’t let someone keep you waiting. If you find it hard to wait anymore, don’t be afraid to give up. It’s better than getting yourself hurt in the end. I don’t want to end this post badly yet I want you to know that if you really like that person, drop everything for her and don’t keep her waiting.

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