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This is a random post!

I happened to be active on Tumblr today and with so much luck, I saw this. My goodness, I super love Logan Lerman’s new look! I love him!

Picture from Math Fair last October 15 with my “crush”, Nikko!

Ok, so you can judge my nerdy look. Whatever. But I forgot to remove my glasses hahaha. Anyways, congrats to my LV family for winning first on jingle and to my other classmates and friends who won in the academic competitions as well. #muchlove

I’m currently watching this Koreanovela and I know I won’t be able to stop once I started it. The main character, Gyu Won looks so much like Janelle on Princess Hours. And the guy’s name is Lee Shin (Gian’s original name in Princess Hours!)

And I’m totally in love with this series!

The Secret Circle on CW. It’s aired during Tuesday, 9pm on ETC here in the Philippines. Watch and love it!

My favorite love team: Adam Conant and Cassie Blake ♥ Things explode when they’re together. (Eh kasi, they can’t express what they really feel for each other. Adam has Diana but I think they broke up in the recent episode haha)

That’s all for now! I’ll update really really really soon.


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