Girls Are Weird

1. When a girl says that she is sad, but she didn’t cry, it means that she is crying in her heart.  Maybe something is bothering her, or either an unfortunate event have occurred recently, which makes her movement prohibited and not energetic.

2.When the girl you love ignore you ,after you have broken her heart, it is advisable for you to give her some time and space, to calm herself down, before you could actually apologize to her.

3.A girl would find, a difficulty, in identifying weaknesses on the person she loves the most. No wonder girls are tend to be broken hearted than men, when their love go to a dead end. A girl is more to feel guilty towards herself.

4. When a girl, have fallen in love with a man, believe it or not, that particular man will be on the girl’s mind all the time ,even though she’s dating another guy.

5.A girl’s heart , will melt like a chocolate, when the man she loves, stare at her.

6.Each girl like to accept compliments, but they do not know how to accept one.

7.If you don’t like the girl who admire you like hell, reject her smoothly. Don’t be rude. When a girl have decided to do something, she will go for it. Its easier for girls to be frustrated and commit suicide.

8.When a girl starts to avoid you ,after you have rejected her ,it is advisable for you to leave her alone for quite a while. Next, if you want her to still be your friend, and not to lose the common touch of communication, try talking to her slowly.

9. Girls like to express what they feel. Music, poems, drawings, and writings are the easiest way for them to express their feelings.

10.Don’t ever say to a girl, that she is useless.

11. Being too serious, could kill the girl’s mood.

12.When at first the man she loved responded positively, for instance by giving her a call, the girl will sort of ignore, or will not show any interest towards it. But, abruptly after her beloved hang off the line, the girl will shout with joy, and in a few minutes, all her friends will now about that news.

13.A smile has 1000 meanings to a girl. So don’t smile to every girl you meet.

14. If you like a girl, then start the relationship by first being friends . Then, you need to lead her to know you better.Don’t move blindly to a proposal.

15.If a girl give you excuses ,each time you ask her to go for a date,then leave her, because she is not interested in you.

16. Don’t ever predict what a girl feels. Ask her yourself!

17. After a girl have fallen in love with a man, she will always be wandering why she never met that man earlier.

18.If you are still searching for the most romantic method to seduce a girl, then you need to browse love books more frequent.

19.Each time the class picture is out or published, the first thing which the girl will look at, is at the person who sat beside her sweetheart during the photography session, then after that she will look at her own picture.

20. Her Ex boyfriend will always be on her mind, but the man she loves now, will always be in her heart.

21. A ‘hi’ is enough to cheer a girl’s day.

22. Only her best friend, will know what she feels and what she have been facing all along. She will be sharing most of her secrets, with her best friend.

23.A girl hate the man who pretend to be nice to her the most, in purpose to actually tackle her prettiest friend.

24. A girl consider love, as loyalty, caring, sincere, and eternal happiness without any argument.

25. Every girl wants a man, who loves her with a full heart.

26.A girl’s secrete weapon is tears.

27.A girl loves, when a man give her a surprise.(presents,flowers, greeting cards.)

28.A girl will easily fall in love, with the man who cares about her.

29. Its actually easy to get a girl’s heart, because what they want, is the feeling of being loved, and the feeling of being cared.

30. Women, even though they are egoistic, or like hell rich, but they will always fall apart with a man’s love.

Its not easy to actually understand girls. They are very complicated, and they are totally very sensitive. GIRLS ARE UNPREDICTABLE. So, can you judge women by its cover? Women will be women.

Got this from Facebook. Which one is your characteristic? Maybe I got number 13!

P.S. I didn’t have the time to double-check this so if there’s somthing wrong with the sentence… tell me :)


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