A Day With DJ

November 5, 2011 SM City Lucena: Almost every girl in town is rushing for Growing Up’s Daniel Padilla. And I am one of them :p

Aline, Jana and I went there at around one in the afternoon. They lined up for the seat pass but I didn’t join them because I thought it was impractical to spend 135php for a simple show. hehe. I joined Paui and friends instead.

These guys opened up the show. I forgot their group name. And Love Radio’s Sammy Babe hosted the event.

He sang Panalangin and Hinahanap-hanap Kita. Hehe. Even if it’s lip-synced, the girls are super thrilled.

Games. Jana and Aline told me that one of the girl contestant is crazy about singing That Should Be Me because Daniel hates Justin Bieber. Is it true?

They’re throwing gifts and messages. We never thought it’s ever possibl to that. If we knew, we would’ve thrown Batman toy, too. (Batman is DJ’s icon for those who doesn’t know, it was his former twitter name)

After the games, and his last song… he said goodbye without even giving us a chance to take picture with him. FLOP. I’m a bit disappointed but not as much as Aline. haha. Anyways, I’m still fine that I saw him on personal. For me, that was always the real deal.

Last picture with my company!

Thank you, Jana for the photos. #muchlove


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