Breaking Dawn Part 1

So who among you have watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 already? Because if you haven’t, you should!

Today, Aline and I went to watch this. Actually, I wasn’t really planning on watching this that much. But since I’ve got a huge crush on Taylor Lautner, I wouldn’t let this pass on. Besides, I’ve read the book and thought it was nice.

The adaptation was nice and it’s good that they added more action into it. I especially loved its sense of humor and the special effects. Although I find the “pack argument” part a little awkward. I mean, while they’re speaking in wolf form… their words came out like growl and it’s a little ear piercing.

“That it’s probably looking for someone to suck it’s teeth into” -Jacob Black (best line ever!)

I really agree on Ate Ellaine that Jacob Black still looked hot even when he’s crying. Aww.

Anyway highway, I actually got kilig when he imprinted on Renesmee. I don’t know why. I would’ve loved it better, though, if he included the “million steel cables” part in his speech. *melts*

While Aline’s getting moony-eyed on Seth (Boo Boo Stewart)…

…I’m falling in love with Embry (Kiowa Gordon)

I do hope you’d catch this on theatres. I can’t wait for part 2 alreadyyyyyyyy! Nice cliffhanger, by the way!


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2 Responses to Breaking Dawn Part 1

  1. knudsens says:

    I love the books and movies.

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