Can The Love of a Lifetime Find a Second Chance?

Oooooopsssss. Don’t get too annoyed, it’s not the real title of the movie. Haha. It was just a part of the trailer. The movie’s title is THE VOW and after you watch the trailer, you’ll probably say “Goodness, I wanna watch this!” Why? Because no matter how cliche a story can be, we’ll still fall in love with it as long as we’re feeling our hearts beat for somebody.

Starring Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) and Channing Tatum (Dear John), here’s a movie that you wouldn’t miss out on Valentine next year. It is a story inspired from some people’s lives’ true events. What would you do if the only person you’ve ever loved so much in your life forgot all the past 5 years in her life?

The song in the trailer by the way is Taylor Swift’s Enchanted (my favorite). Labo nun ah? Hahaha. But anyway, before March come up and I get drawn to Katniss’ game, I will have to fall in love first with this movie (even if I was impressed by the trailer and the story, I’d still say nothing beats Channing and Amanda Seyfried’s chemistry, if you’ve ever watched Dear John).

Nonetheless, for the couples out there who are probably thinking of getting married, you might get a thing or two from this.

Your forever sucker-for-love friend,



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