You Shouldn’t Be What Boys Like

Boys like beautiful and popular girls. They make them feel noticed and envied by the crowd. Especially when the guy is handsome, it adds up to their ‘perfect combination’. Boys like girls who love to mingle; the ones that will let them tickle their waist, kiss their necks and even hold hands in public as if it was the most amazing thing to do. Boys like girls who like to scream and squeal in delight when she sees him. Girls who are materialistic and asks for cool things just so the boys can flatter them.

Boys like girly girls. Those who wear fashionable dresses and flashing shoes. They like strong-willed girls who will stand up to the crowd and scare them away from them. But what boys like best are girls who are hungered by other guys. This way, when they get the girl, they will look tough and strong and awesome to their opponents.

That’s why you shouldn’t be what boys like. Because those kind of boys don’t look for love, all they want is to belong to the crowd of famous people (or people who think good about themselves). What girls should look for are guys who seek for only two things. Not her hotness or her prettiness or her popularity. But her affection and sincerity.

Girl be who you are. If you’re frank and straightforward, don’t be afraid to tell him what you hate about him. If you want to be pretty for him, be pretty just for his eyes. There’s no need to impress other people, instead, make him realize it on his own. Don’t let him tickle you or wound around you like a snake, much less let him hold your hand until you tell him to. Always let him text you first and wait for your reply. Never allow him to court you outside your house or go on a date with him without your parent’s consent. Remember, he needs to try his best to prove his feelings for you.

For the last bit-and this is the best-never tell him how much you feel about him because he might end up ignoring you. Yes, make him feel that you like him but don’t be too revealing. Have some subtle irony in you.

Girls shouldn’t be what boys like. Boys are often insensitive, impatient, full of pride and ignorant of what you feel. Instead of being “just the girl he likes”, be his greatest challenge.

Girls shouldn’t be what boys like. Make him do things that he hasn’t done before. In that way, you’ll see how determined he is to win your approval.

Girls shouldn’t be what boys like. Because if you became what boys like, you’ll never have the respect a girl deserves in her life.

And finally, girls shouldn’t be what boys like… she has to be who he would fight for… a girl he will love for the rest of his life… and a girl he will never forget.

That’s why you shouldn’t be what boys like.

Forever heartbroken,

Jhacea (11/24/2011)


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2 Responses to You Shouldn’t Be What Boys Like

  1. anyaddiction says:

    So Nice.! go Ate Joyce.! I really like it.!
    Can you make something about crushes next time?
    something n patama nmn sakin. XD

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