Fifteen year old Jenna Hamilton is pretty much contented of being ignored in her school. But after her “accident”, it turned out that what she have always liked for herself will never happen.

I’ve heard of this series before but never had the chance to watch it. Luckily, my bestfriend discovered this herself and we watched it together for, actually finished it for two days!

Ashley Rickards as Jenna Hamilton. She looks like Carey Mulligan, sometimes Emma Stone or Andi Eigenmann even. I immediately loved her during the first episode since she kind of reminds me of Zooey Deschannel when she speaks.

Plus, it’s not everyday that you discover an actress that can really cry (she’s really good at it) and someone that has those awkward yet adorable facial expressions. I love Ashley already!

Now, since the title itself is “Awkward.” (Yes, there’s always a period after the word), all the characters have an awkwardness in them, too!

Jenna’s Parents who were both teens when they had Jenna. They can be too OA in protecting Jenna or sometimes, neglective when it comes to their own actions. Though I have to salute them for doing well in life considering they’ve been raising Jenna since they were eighteen.

Sadie Saxton, the evil girl who has that awkward head movement when she speaks but we love her, though. Especially when she says “You’re welcome”

Valerie, the half crazy guidance counselor. She’s good to Jenna and a Team Matty. Haha. But Aline and I have a hint that she might be the one who sent the letter.

Tamara and Ming, Jenna’s bestfriends. T’s talkative while M’s sensible. They’re the best besfriends ever!

Besides understanding one’s self and trying to cope up and socialize with people around you, there’s also a love story. Of course, what’s a series without the romance?

Matty McKibben, the ultimate crush and the armpit sniffer. Haha. I was Team Matty at the beginning but as the series progresses, I got turned off with him. I just hate the fact that he can’t stand up to his feelings for Jenna just because he’s a school jock and the fact that his first move was to make out with Jenna when they first met in a camp. Ugh. This guy is definitely not a gentleman to me. Flirt. Yes, he’s cute and appealing but that’s that. Period.

Jake Rosati. Yep, I’m Team Jake. It was clear in the beginning that he likes Jenna more than he’s letting on. He can pass on as the “Mr. Right” but no matter how almost-perfect he seems to be, you can’t not like him. He respects Jenna and considers her decisions first and unlike Matty, he doesn’t rush into things. Besides, he’s also popular in their school (being the class president) yet he’s not ashamed of being seen with Jenna. Team Jake until the end!

I especially love it when he says “Hamilton”, he often calls Jenna that. Sweet!

“Unlike Matty, Jake wasn’t afraid to be a dork. And I was ready to dork out with him.”

Now, Jenna’s blog on the show is actually on Tumblr: I love reading her entries and my favorite was… Choice Vs. Chance (and don’t say that I like it just because it was in the first page, mind you I read until the last page)

Season one had only twelve episodes, 20 minutes each but the show has progressed its ratings and will be coming back next year for season two. I heard they’ll start shooting on February 26. I can’t wait to see the next season already.

Since all of this “accident” started with a poison letter, who do you think have sent that letter and why? Comment away!




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