Bruno Gets Khaki

A lot of girls my age are crushing on a singer/artist mostly because of his looks and only partly because of his talent. You know those girls who answers “Kasi ang gwapo niya.” when they’re ask why they like that certain artist. Annoying.

I’m evidently in high school-sixteen, supposed to be shallow and a hardcore fangirl- but apparently my taste is not like of these girls. My reason of crushing on a singer is because he can move my heart with his voice. I’m always proud to say that Bruno Mars is my crush no matter how annoying some of my friends’ facial reactions are.

Have you seen Bench’s commercial recently? The one with Mars in Bench/ campaign. It’s been playing on tv for I guess a month now (more or less)

I especially searched some photos from Bench for this blog. Hehe.

Awesome “Made in the Philippines” t-shirt! <3

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this guy? With all those hits, romantic songs that are sang with pure heart in them. Ahhhh.

Nothing On You (where it all started)

Billionaire (almost to the top!)

Just The Way You Are ( who didn’t fall in love with this?)


It Will Rain, his recent single :)

And my favorite: Marry You. I’m really hoping for an official MV!

Bruno Mars isn’t probably the teen girls’ type but to me, he’s way more than just that. In this industry, it’s not just looks that’ll bring you to the top but your talent as well. And besides, he’s handsome to me so probably these teen girls have an eye problem. Haha.

Visit Bruno’s site:

Follow him on twitter: @BrunoMars

Mars in me,



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