Princess Hours: Warm Nostalgia

Do you still remember the first time you saw Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez’ If We Fall In Love on TV? It’s probably the first time that I really stopped what I’m doing to watch the promotional MV.

Pag-Ibig na Kaya? (Tagalog version of its Korean theme song, Perhaps Love) This is my most favorite Pinoy song.

I was in grade four when this Koreanovela aired on ABS-CBN. At that time, all I know is I liked it because it’s a love story and that was pretty much me ever since I was born: a sucker for love. If I remember clearly, I’ve watched Princess Hours for five times already. I guess it’s an unfailing habit of mine to watch it every summer/vacation I can get.

 So, since I’m practically telling you that I’m obsessed with Goong (Korean title), I’m gonna write down its synopsis from my own mind.

Princess Hours (Goong/Palace) is a 2006 MBC drama aired in the Philippines. It revolves around a high school girl named Janelle (Chae Gyung) whose grandfather saved Korea’s king during the war. Because of this the King promised him that his grandson, the Crown Prince, will marry his granddaughter and the proof is a ring that should be kept and presented by the granddaughter. Janelle wasn’t planning on putting up with his grandfather’s pact with the King but she eventually succumbed due to her family’s increasing debt. Princess Hours, by the way, is based on a manhwa (Korean comics).

Monique (Hyo Rin) Gian’s ballet dancer ex-girlfriend who refused his marriage proposal because of her dreams in life. It turned out that she’s not really rich and was just helped by her teacher for her study.

Troy (Lee Yul) He was supposed to be the Crown Prince, but after his father died, they left (or have been thrown out of) the palace. He’s friends with Janelle in the beginning and grew a liking for her as they get closer. Troy’s actually cute, but definitely annoying!

Janelle (Chae Kyung) Of course, you know her. She’s actually funny and naive in the series. There are times when I hate her because she listens to Troy more than she listens to Gian, but I still love her when she and Gian are having those moments :p

Gian (Lee Shin) Who’s really adorable even if he always have a hard time expressing his feelings. Haha. He has special ways of showing them, though. Especially if you’ve watched this already, you’d know what I mean.

What did I like about Princess Hours?

People are probably wondering (and getting annoyed) at how much I praise this Koreanovela every time we talk about it. Well, Princess Hours is the most unique Korean story line I’ve seen. It’s not the usual backdrop of rich-poor situation or the vengeance stories I commonly watch. Princess Hours is about two people who were married out of their will, but fell in love with each other as the time goes by without having to elaborate their feelings in words and getting the approval of the public. It was a love story that’s both challenging and amazing.

I guess this was when Janelle heard Gian and Monique talking. I can’t quite place it.

The Wedding

What happens after the wedding… nag-away! Haha. They’re like cat and dog, you know!

I also remember Gian’s birthday. I really hated Monique at that time. Good thing Janelle’s friends are there for her.

I’m a little confused. Was this during Gian’s birthday or Troy’s?

There were a lot of things that has happened in the drama. A lot of them has made me kilig, cry and laugh. But I guess, my favorite was when they’ve “gone with the wind” (Episode 16). Add to that episodes 23 and 24.

They went to this Summer Palace and they were really cute, acting like a newly wed couple. Playing around in the beach, bought grocery, cook foods– like two normal people. I guess this was the time when I felt they’re really falling in love with each other.

“It was the first time that somebody’s spit a rice on my face.” Haha I’ll never forget this one!

They went there because Gian wanted Janelle to see the sunrise but the weather’s not good so they just stayed in the car that morning which was still sweet!

“Paano ba ‘yan, hindi ko naman pwedeng pasikatin ang araw?”

The longest Korean kiss I’ve seen… and the sweetest and almost-sincerest looking and intense.

And THIS! Public kiss ( i love kisses!)

The moment when I cried so hard.

And that moment after all the hardships that I find myself on the edge of the seat very time I watch this. I so loved the ending even if it’s ‘bitin’

True wedding <3. See, it was a happy ending :)

Princess Hours is my favorite Koreanovela FOREVER. It has been so much a part of me, I couldn’t be swayed to love new Koreanovelas more than I loved it.

It doesn’t just tell the love story between two people. It is also the ability of a couple to make things better for other people too. They may have not succeeded in becoming South Korea’s Crown Prince and Princess, but they’ve made an example to others that love moves people together.

And oh, before I forget. After each episode, there are teddy bears projecting a certain scene. Look at these four teddies as Monique, Gian, Janelle and Troy:

And for the last episode of Princess Hours are these Royal Teddy Family. Cute!!!

It was really nice reminiscing and walking through this little part of my life. I suddenly missed Princess Hours that’s why I’ve blogged about it.

As the holidays approaches, I’m gonna watch it all over again. Maybe you should too for some “Holiday Dilemma” Hehe. Koreanovelas can actually teach you a thing or two that you can apply in real life.


Princess Jash


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