We Are Young

I was watching GLEE earlier this morning and had a realization in myself. Hold Onto Sixteen was the title of the episode and I thought it was one of the songs but apparently, it has a deeper meaning. This is the reason why I love it when GLEE’s airing a Competition episode. It gives a lot of sense to me.

“Do you know what growing up is about? Losing things.” -Quinn Fabray. And for once, Quinn is right. I’ve lost a lot of things in my life trying to to grow up for people around me. Having to be the girl who has a sensible opinion about something because I was known for that.

Nevertheless, I realized… no matter how demanding my sphere of life is, I can still enjoy what I have and so do you. I’m sixteen- young, supposed to be shallow with nothing to think about. I couldn’t be like that.

Instead, I could be somebody who thinks about my action. I know I’ve been trying to do this for a long time now and I always fail. I’ve always been drawn out from my Renaissance and pulled back to the Middle Ages because of my insecurity. I guess the best thing that I could do is always remind myself that people look at me and what I do reflects on what they think about me.

What’s the real way of thinking of a sixteen-year-old? It differs in a lot of culture. But as for mine, being sixteen means being responsible and while I’m still of that age, I’ll act like it as best I could… and enjoy the odds given to me.

Hold onto sixteen… be happy.

I loved ABC and Man In The Mirror but We Are Young totally touched my heart.


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