That Jolog

I really wonder why I always open my blog with an “I” Haha. Anyways, I (there it goes again) am thinking about a definition for myself when I came up with the idea that I’m a “jolog”.

What is JOLOG? There are various meanings in

  1. Derived from the combined words daing (salted fish), tuyo (a type of dried fish) and itlog (egg). Dyolog then became Jolog, a term for someone who is tacky, but implied in a more negative tone and often referred to people who belong to the lower class of society.
  2. “Baduy”, “skwating”, tacky
  3. Someone who likes Jolina Magdangal (a tacky, teeny-bopper wannabe)
  4. Jolina Organization (I did not actually get the concept of this)
  5. Someone from the lower class of society who tries to be cool but ends up a failure and in turn becomes a “jolog” (I’m not bragging but this is not me :D)

But what best described me is this:

Anything or anyone associated with things that are “pang-masa” (for the masses)

I came up with jologs mainly because I’m kind of “baduy” with how I dress. Always wearing the shirt-pants-slippers combination or even pairing dresses that’s unlikely to complement each other.

But no matter how vicious people look at jologs, it’ll always be a different meaning for me. I’m proud to be called a ‘jolog’ because it most likely defines a simple person who tries to fit in a society but not the way a poor person does with the rich. I fit in the society like a chameleon mimicking the colors around it. Blending with people because I don’t like to stand out but to belong with them. That way, I become somewhat of a girl that’s liked by the masses because of my ka-‘jologan’ and being simply me. Being a jolog is far better than intimidating other people by trying to stand out and acting regal and almighty to them.

Besides, I have “partial jologs” friends with me too! So, I’m not alone. Hehe

Aline and I on GenCamp 2011

And these super jologs friends of mine, ABJ3 (except Jana, she’s not a member but a dear friend as well)

For the jologs spirit that’s building up in me, I’m planning to change my site’s name from Xo, Jash to “That Jolog”. Actually, I thought of “Jologs” first but then Aline gave me an awesome idea while we were having one of those hyper conversations in Twitter this morning. I do believe in accidental Power of Suggestion!

Besides, “That Jolog” would be a far greater impact in people when they see my site because it defines me and see it in me :D

Thanks A, you’re the best!

That Jolog,



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