Awkwardly Awesome

Hang out at Aline’s yesterday and as usual, napagtripan na naman ang webcam. Hehe. That often happens whenever I bring my laptop in there and it’s really a fun thing to do. Especially when you have a bestfriend like Aline. May as well call her “Camera Glued” :p

The earlier picture was kind of too bright for me so I adjusted the lightings and was satisfied with the following photos :)


Puffy face of mine. Euh.

I guess I’m too proud for my Oakley shirt (Hand-me-down from my Aunt but it was original so who cares? I love the shirt!)


Had to stop the Webcam Mania for a while because Adormeo wanted a manicure/pedicure as well and who’s there to do it? ME. Haha. At least I had a companion with my my neon blue nails.


Weird. Really weird.

Favorite photo!

So, Aline’s sister-Ara/Adi-joined our narcissism. What a cute kid!

Pambansang pose


It’s getting dark that’s why the photos are getting a little crappy. But the fun continuous though especially when you have an Adi to hype you up!

And for the last photo…

It’s always nice to hang out with my bestfriend. Haha. Plus, this day helped clear out the jitters of excitement for the Christmas party that’s building up inside me.

Up next: Junior Christmas :)

Webcam mania gal,




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