Junior Party Part 1

Christmas Parties weren’t fun but not until we were in high school. Hahaha. Maybe because we can do all we want and have all the time of the day available to us. For teens like us in a province (although we’re not probinsayana/probinsyano because we live in a city) Christmas Parties are one of those few occasions that we really prepare for.

This year, I wasn’t planning on making myself up since I’ve had a hard time the past two years of my high school during this event. But thank God, I got to prepare a nice dress and gifts for my friends.

But I wouldn’t show it because I wanna start with the Party proper first. Being an LV makes it easier because my classmates are looking forward to this and they always make sure that our room, sound system, food will be more than exemplary.

Thank you Sir Russel for this wonderful writings and design on the board!

Angel, Calu, Andrew, Jazz, Cedy and Paui

See! Who says we weren’t keen on partying?

Paul, the photographer of the day using random cameras that people brought in and Cedy, music maestro!

Johnny Markyy <3

Jarakena (jarakenya) without Faye

G’anne and Meanne

Jean and John Mark

Euan and Paui

Papa Nikko (91.2 Campuput Radio Ayot! Haha)

Joyce and Angel

Here goes me :) I’m proud to say that my dress didn’t even reach a thousand peso. The pink box tee is from Pop Shop, skirt from Pretty and I and the heels from Avon (originally it’s my Mom’s). I was awed when I arrived because they liked my looks. I mostly remember Vivien saying “You look mature” :D


Although no matter how “good” I look to others, I still love my own baggy, jologs self.

But I have to admit I’m kind of proud of myself. Kind of!

Linette and Radz

Tong-it Club. Haha

Pretty ladies!

Our adviser needs to attend an important wedding so she wasn’t able to join us. Sad. But there’s still Ma’am LFA to join us #muchlove

Russel with his really big hands (literally)

Party hard

We had games as well. Although, they’re not that many, they were fun to do and watch. My classmates were super hyped up with everything that they don’t care much about how the time passed.

Czam, Kezia, Neriane and Radz

“Happy Birthday” Balloons. Odd!

Andrew (I’m sure may mga kinikilig na jan :p)

Gorgeous Lianne

The fun continues after lunch and we played “Trip to Jerusalem” and I guess the popping the balloon thing was called”Family Apir”. Although I didn’t add photos for them because they’re so blurry.

Look at my sitting position. Haha. Wapoiseeee

There was a time when I’m sure we were kind of bored because we can’t think of another thing to do until they came up with the idea of “May Pera sa Harina” and we got out of our room. Swear, we had so much fun. But you have to see the event’s picture on my next blog because this one’s already awfully long.

Watch out for it, it’s coming right up!

Yours truly,



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