Junior Party: “May Pera Sa Harina” and Others

Usually, we play Group-Yourselves and other usual kiddie games. Now, I’ve no idea how my classmates came up with this game. But they sure did enjoy it!

So, we went out and did “May Pera sa Harina”. I don’t think I need to elaborate the mechanics anymore since I’m betting you already know it. Haha

Cedie and Neriane (bagay?)

Jean and Jazz

Paui and Hilary

Ara Mae!

Mr. Technoman aka Cedie

The challengers. If only they know what they’re about to face. *evil laugh*

Take the plunge. Yayyyyy!

Go Nikko! Did the flour taste good?!

I can see your hardwork, Jean! Hehe

I don’t know who won the game, actually. I’m kind of lost because they all look cute even with the flour on their faces!

Andrew’s really really cute in this picture. I have to admit I stared a long time at this photo. But that was just photo-crushing, if you know what I mean.

Really really cute expression of people. The game wasn’t the shock after all. I guess it was the taste of the flour.

Paul, Euan and Shai :)

Happy Harina Day!

After the game, we went inside for our merienda. Yessss. Finally.

Of course, the most awaited part of the day is the Exchange Gift :) I wanna thank Kezia for the Tweety Bird shirt that I received.

Thanks as well to my dear friends for these gifts:

B’anne (clip), Faye (ribbon clip), Czam (AB ballpen), Kaerebear (AB key chain), Arby (AB wallet), Ecca (mini stuffed toy), Jueann (handkerchief), Jaiyo (purse) <3

Babybench/ from Adormeo! Haha

I’ll still post another blog using Czam’s photos but I’m gonna do that later because it’s already 4:35AM and I haven’t slept yet. Mom’s gonna bawl me out. Haha. Thank you Jana for giving me these photos and the ones that I used in my previous blog. You’re the best! (Route 14J) <3

Off to sleep,



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