Junior Party: Final Part

Finally, I’ve collected the pictures that I need for my blog. If you only know how laborious this is because it’s so hard to upload photos with their high qualities. Thank you so much to my dear friend, Czam for these! #muchlove

This post contains some parts of the earlier programs and what happened after the program- when I’ve already gone home. But, let’s start with the earlier happenings first.

ABJ3 without Bree and Jazz :(

Helping Cedie manage my laptop

Sir Russel and Ma’am Ariles




The boys had a little fashion show.

John Mark







Balloon competition

Group Yourselves! This was a disaster yet funny game. Hehe. People learned how to be desperate to win. Lels.

So after these happenings, you all know that we had “May Pera sa Harina”, our lunch, snack time and exchange gift. I asked them if they want to have a class picture but no one’s responding. So I went with Jueann, Adrian and Faye to give Ma’am B’s gift and when we got back… EDI KAYO NA!

They still had an after-party and photo op after the day’s event. I’ve already left by the time since I went with Aline to attend the Mass. But here are some of their picture (masabi man lang na hindi ako biased! haha)

The pretty ladies! I admire Paul’s ability to capture. These photos looked like the person in it are in motion. Way to go, Paul!




Princess Elizabeth. Princesses are really beautiful. Right, Kaeremon? Haha

Wait… ME TOO. Haha. But this was taken earlier that day :p

Rombert (with their party already done) brought in a disco light for my classmates.

Carlo and Czam

Party much!

Ok, so this’ll be the last blog I’m gonna post about our Junior Party. As the years progress, our parties also improve and it was always fun. You’re all the best, LVdogs! See y’all next year.

But wait again for a moment. Let’s watch an MMFF movie on December 28. If you want to join, text Carlo or Jazz. Maybe we could catch Segunda Mano or SRR13.

December really is the most beautiful time of the year. Merry Christmas!

Missing you all,



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