City Hunter

It doesn’t sound like a nice series when you first hear it but once you watch, you’ll discover how nice this drama is!

Personally, I don’t like action movies. Whenever I watch one, I always fall asleep. Haha. I didn’t know Lee Min-Ho (Boys Over Flower’s Gu Jun Pyo) was the male lead that’s why I’m like “I don’t care” when I heard this back in July. While we were doing our TLE project in Jemma’s house last Tuesday, the commercial came up and I immediately had the urge to buy it on Delgic. And guess what happened? I couldn’t stop watching when I started.

The story started in 1983 where there was a bombing in Burma while the South Korea president is visiting there. There were five officials who plotted a revenge against North Korea to kill their agents (as you may know North and South were at war before). They assigned two bodyguards of the president, Moo Yul and Jin Pyo to this mission and organized a team consisting of 21 armies. While they were on their mission, the five officials back in South suddenly changed their minds, that this will cause an international crisis. Instead, the 21 were shot to death in the sea of Nampo but unbeknownst to them, one had survived: Lee Jin Pyo. He went to Choi Eung Chan (the president of Korea on 2011) and warned him that he will make a revenge.

After that, Jin Pyo went to the house of his friend Moo Yul ( who died to protect him) and too his son which we all know to be Lee Min-Ho. They went to Golden Triangle and made him believe that he was his father. Not until they were attacked by bandits and Jin Pyo’s in the verge of death that he revealed his true father and what happened to them in Nampo Sea. This willed Johnny to make the revenge and went to study in America. After seven years, he went back to Korea and worked in the Communications and Technology Department in the Blue House

Lee Joon Hyuk (My Princess) as Prosecutor Kim Young Joo

-He’s in charge of solving the cases of the corrupt officials of the government (the four of the five official who sent for the mission) and also to take down the City Hunter himself. He was also Na Na’s “Daddy Long Legs” provided that he’s caring for her because his father was the cause of the death of Na Na’s parents.

Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Sae Hee

-She was Young Joo’s ex-wife. A veterinarian and helped Johnny (Lee Min-Ho) treat his wound when he was accidentally shot by Na Na during his mission to capture the the second among the officials that was being guarded by Na Na at that time.

Park Min Young as Kim Na Na

-Johnny’s love interest. He actually knew her when he was still living in Golden Triangle because of the picture of Na Na that Shik Joong gave him. She’s a presidential body guard and a judo master. I really like her personality since she worked part-time to finish college (this is because her mom’s killed during the car accident and her dad’s in a comatose state when she was still seventeen). She also has this wonderful strong personality that makes her unique among the other female lead I’ve seen before. Plus, she’s a model in real life that’s why her way of dressing and posture is awesome.

Lee Min-Ho (Boys Over Flowers) as Johnny Lee/Lee Yun Seong/ Poo Chai

-He’s the City Hunter and although he only acquired the name, Johnny Lee, he actually graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D degree. His main cause is to take revenge for his real father’s death but not in a way that he’ll kill the five officials. But to get evidence against them and turn them in to the police instead. While he was doing this, he fell in love with Na Na (which is against the third rule his father said) and tries to protect her in the process. By the way, when you watch the original version (meaning it’s not yet dubbed), people call him Yun Seong instead of Johnny. I just used Johnny since ABS-CBN will use that when it’s aired on 2012.

I liked City Hunter since action, romance and comedy were equally balanced. It’s obviously not as good as James Bond movies but it was an awesome Asian Production. I actually finished it for only two days considering it has 20 episodes, one hour each.

Anyways, here are some of the cute photos of Johnny and Na Na. You know, I’m such a sucker for this :D

Johnny’s good in judo but he doesn’t show it to other people since he’s in the Technology department and it might cause suspicion.

At Na Na’s apartment rooftop

And of course, palalampasin ko ba ito?! Even if this was a sort of goodbye kiss!

This was when Na Na was shot instead of Johnny when they were captured by Young Joo’s father (the one who caused the death of her mother)

I also read that they were in a relationship in real life! Both their agencies confirmed it. Watch this interview too. I don’t actually know if they said anything significant but it’s worth the hint especially their gestures and looks at each other. Compared to Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun’s previous interviews for BOF before, this obviously says a lot! Besides, it’s fine that they get into a relationship since they’ve known each other for six years already :D

During their press conference:

I’ll really ship for these two! Hehe.

Even if City Hunter ended with an open ending, it’s still a nice and fun watch. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Either grab or order your dvds now, watch it online or wait for it on ABS-CBN nex year! Just do watch it! :)


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