Pop Thought: Koreana

What is Pop Thought? Well, pop means “burst open” while thought… oh you’re dumb if you don’t know what that means. Anyway, since I hardly post anything in this blog, I came up with an idea this morning that I’m starting a new category for my blog that I’ll call Pop Thought.

Pop Thought will consist of things that suddenly comes into my mind on a single day. Maybe, it’s of no significance to you but nevertheless, it’s a free country. So instead of keeping it in my mind, I’ll just post it here and maybe it’ll do something for you too.

My first pop thought is entitled Koreana. This post will be about the female leads (what I liked about them and what inspiration they gave me) from my five most favorite Koreanovelas: Princess Hours, Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Heartstrings and my recent watch- City Hunter.

Let’s start with Playful Kiss’ Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min)

– Ha Ni is a shallow high school girl who spent most of her secondary life waiting for the time when her crush will notice her. Not until she gave that letter and Seung Jo graded it an F for her wrong attempt to write Korean. Even if she’s not smart, I like her compassion to be good on things so that Seung Jo will like her. She improved herself not only for him but for other people as well. I do believe that love helps us make our self something.

“Your heart beats fast when you see something you really like.”

Heartstrings Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye)

-Gyu Won’s fashion may be like a hippie old lady but when she dresses up nicely, she just takes your breath away. I liked her character since I find myself in her. Somebody who works hard for her family and her pure love for the things that matters to her. Especially her good heart to consider other people’s feelings and even to sacrifice for something to make others happy.

Pretty lady!

Boys Over Flower’s Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye Soon)

-I’ve always loved Jan Di’s strength and principles. Her ability to stand for people who can’t stand on their own. Her good choice on what is right or wrong. Even if from her character, it was revealed that her weakness is love, there shouldn’t be no judgement to that. Because really, all people’s weakness is love.

Princess Hours’ Shin Chae Gyung/Janelle (Yoon Eun Hye)

-Janelle’s a funny and humorous girl, something I’m not :) She was like Ha Ni at the very beginning of Princess Hours but as the show progresses, she became a mature girl who thinks for others and not for herself only. It was said in the drama that the Palace changed because of her and not the other way around.

And my favorite, City Hunter’s Kim Na Na (Park Min Young)

-Na Na’s my most favorite because she’s something I want to be. I want to be her strong, independent self. Someone who can defend herself because she’s a judo blac-belter. She finished college through part-time jobs because her mom died and her dad’s in coma when she was seventeen. I also love her open-mindedness and understanding of Johnny’s situation (something Twilight’s Bella won’t be able to do) even if it means she has to break up with him. I really want to be like her when I grow up! :)

“It’s a good thing to like someone” :)

Watching Koreanovelas is fun! Some people find their stories absurd but you can still choose something that’s worth watching like those I’ve mentioned above. And besides, this just states that girls are not just props for this world, they are inspirations and someone that should be respected.

Koreana wannabee,



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