2009. 2010. 2011… ♥

My end-of the-year blog is very special even if it’s already two weeks late. This post isn’t just about the things that has happened last year but bits of things from the start of my high school as well.

Whenever I think of of New Year, this text message always flash into my mind: “You may think that nothing’s happened in the past year, but when you look back, everything’s changed.” Years pass by me in a blur maybe because most of the time, I’m overjoyed and thinks less of dull moments. That has always been me. I’m always positive and supportive of others even if I often suffer myself.

So, really, what has changed in me? Let’s start with what has happened first. The simplest one: In first year, I learned to read and finish books.

They’ve already grown over the years. Books are kind of my addiction beside t-shirts. Hehe

My first time in UP Los Banos for Genetics Camp

First AstroCamp :)

I also got to handle two major productions. Ibong Adarna in first year and sciptwriter for our English Got Talent play entitled Mary Claire.

Ibong Adarna

Mary Claire practice at Jana’s home

Coastal Clean-Up. Talk about saving the environment. Hehe

Got to be a part of this Human LCD for STCAA 2011

Jingle-making contest part for three years :D

If there’s one thing that has changed in me, that’s how I finally seem to understand love. I guess it’s the right time to talk about this since I’ve finally moved on from that one-sided love back in first year. In first year, I was this girl who will try hard to get Rommiel’s attention. Fight with him for the simplest thing and even daydream for sorts of things an immature girl is. But I think, what I’ve felt then wasn’t just a simple crush on someone. I’ve staked most my time thinking about this. Rommiel was my first love and when I came to the realization that we were impossible, that’s how everything has changed.

Because of that experience, I learned a great deal about love and how serious it is. And that you won’t be able to understand it unless you get hurt. I was mad at him at the first phase of my rejection. But as I grasp reality, I guess it was clear in the beginning that we weren’t meant to be. Love is bittersweet, that’s how I’ll always define it. Don’t let a guy know how much you feel about them otherwise you’ll regret it in the end. Chances are, he’ll feel the same way about you too.

Besides, we still became friends and on speaking terms even. Good thing is, I’m still a certified NBSB. Bad thing is, the guy that’ll probably take interest in me will experience a great deal of challenge since I already know how painful love is. Hehe

Love’s not the only thing that has made me grow. I also learned to value my family more than anyone else. Mine isn’t perfect because it was irreversibly  broken. Nevertheless, it gave me the inspiration to do something good for myself.

I miss my dad who’s working Qatar more than ever :(

My mom’s not a perfect mom but she’s the best for putting up qith three stubborn children she calls ‘kids’

And of course, my brothers :)

I’m also grateful for these bunch of people whom I call “friends”

First of all to Ysa who recently migrated in California. We miss you more than anything.

Faye– probably one of the craziest girl I’ve met but always the funniest. You’re the best!

Jazz and Adrian– thanks for bearing with me even if I’m always stubborn and selfish.

Bree– for being the strongest girl I’ve ever met in my life, thanks for entrusting your heart’s deepest secret with me <3

Jueann– who was my rival for honors in elementary but turned out be one of my best friends in high school. Thank you always for your patience and deepest understanding.

Jaiyo– my best BOY friend at pwede na ding pseudo-boyfriend pag minsan. Chos. Bstfrnd, you know I’ll always be here for you every time that you might need me because you’ve been like that for me. Thank you always for listening to my rants and calling me your “Bstfrnd” loud and proud. Love you, J!

Aline– bestfriend, partner-in-crime and soul sister who’s been a great part of my life. Thank you for everything– the financial help, series-to-watch list, “arte” mode, webcam trips, listening to my problems or childish stories and even for the sarcasm and occasional fights, You know you’ll always hold a special place in my heart ♥

Whenever I look back to the “Joyce” that I am before, I find an immature and insecure girl who can’t accept the fact that she can’t be something more than who she really is. But when I look at the “Joyce” today, I still find the girl who blabs and gets all animated when she’s telling a story. This “Joyce” is always contented of what she have in the present because she already knows how it is to have nothing. She already knows how to accept her mistakes. And this “Joyce” finally realized how good it is to be always happy and stand for who she really is.

And for some self-innovation issue, I quite learned the word “fashion” even if I’m still not the familiar with it. Guess I’m trying to be beautiful for someone worth the effort. Only, I don’t think he sees it. But anyways, it’s self-satisfying to be notices sometimes. Hehe

First year. Ummm…

Second year. Quite something, huh?

And this year!

Some people thinks that change is rubbish. But that’s crazy. Change is the living proof that we’re learning something. Those who don’t admit that they’re changing, don’t understand their life at all. I dunno what’ll happen this year or the coming yeas after that. All I know is, I still have a lot of important people around me and that I won’t waste even a single second of my life. So, wish me luck.

Things’ll change,



Change by Taylor Swift


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