Feb Faves

For the past few days, I’ve been turning to a lot of songs that I wasn’t able to post here. I’ve been busy with cotillion practices, examinations and all those stuffs. So here goes some of my new favorite songs to make up for my frequent online-absences. Tee-hee.

Have  A Little Faith In Me by Bon Jovi feat. Lea Michele (New Year’s Eve) I heard this when Aline and I are watching the movie and was so taken with the song. Apparently, they did not release a version of the duo so the music in this video’s just a recording. But listen to it, will you?

Hit The Lights by Selena Gomez. Besides the fact that the song’s really cool,  the music video defines it very well. Yayyy.

I especially loved Selena’s curls. I want this one for my JS look. Hehe

Terrified by Katharine McPhee feat. Zachary Levi. I’ve known this song in second year but apparently, my friends are just getting addicted to this song after their Genetics Camp hangover. Plus, this song is quite an inspiration to my “Chances Vs. Choices”

This Girl by Laza Morgan. Remember STEP UP 3D? The slurpee part? When I heard this back then, I didn’t quite notice the song. Then while I was scheming through Aline’s phone, I totally fell in love when I heard this. Especially on the part: “There’s this girl, my one and only wonder on this world”

This Girl,



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