Red Mask

I don’t really remember when I’d ever fallen in love with the JuliElmo love team. Last week, after watching Twee Academy and feeling bitin with their love story, I watched Red Mask. It’s short film shown in Party Pilipinas maybe a year ago.

Red Mask is about a couple who broke up. Elmo is kind of childish and Julie broke up with him because of that. As time passes, they finally realize how much they’ve missed and loved each other. But apparently, it’s hard to make up especially when you’ve hurt one another’s feelings. Would they still be together? Find out for yourself!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 :))))

It was directed by Avid Liongoren, a tv ads and music video director. To know more about him, visit his website: Also, check out this trailer of an Indie film entitled “Saving Sally” that he directed:


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