JS Prom: A Night of Bittersweet Moments

“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead”

For weeks, this has been the talk of the town. Almost every day, girls will talk about these marvelous dresses, six-inch heels they’ll wear and just how excited they are for this event. Classes were irregular as there were a lot of cotillion and promenade practices. For third years, JS are important because it is the first time they’re ever gonna attend to it.

JS to me is just like Valentine’s, Christmas or Birthday. It doesn’t happen every year to me but the feeling’s just like that. It comes and it goes. But I did enjoy it even if it’s quite disastrous because of the weather.

Look at this heart-shaped cloud!

LV ♥

Me. Haha





Bree and I

LV gals

Paula and Aj

Jana, Paui and Radz

Kyra and Ate Mai

Grace and Ara Mae

Glydz, Joan and JM

LV boys (Only Russel danced with me. I quite felt abandoned by my brothers. Ouch)

Mr. Photographer

FA boys.

The program started maybe around four. There were ceremonies such as passing of symbolic stuffs to the officers during the Promenade then the Teachers’ Regodon and as the night approaches, our Cotillion dance.



I thought my partner, Jaypee, is going to give the rose to his girlfriend so I left it to him. But then he went to my chair and gave it to me. Hehe

After the awarding of the Prom King and Queen-Willie John and Meladane respectively-the dance floor opened. Yay! Party-hard!

Meanne said to me that if LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” played, she will really dance. It played and woah! You already!

Before dinner, they played three slow dance songs and I had my first dance at that time. But I wouldn’t tell you about it yet. Later, later. Haha. Anyways, here we are while in line for the dinner.

Dinner stubs (Jawea, Aj and mine)

As the night wears on and even if the rain sometimes fall, we still enjoyed our first JS. Hehe. It was bitin!

Ecca and Jaiyo ♥

Edi kayo na!

Tim and Glydz ♥

Paul and I

Aline, Jawea and me

Of course, pictures with my bestfriend. Haha. After these, while I was texting my mom, I got projected to the screen on Grandstand. Grabe lang. Haha. I just acted nonchalant about it :p


This one was the time when Raphael and I were dancing. I was actually dancing with Jaiyo and he with Patrice but they exchanged. It’s kind of funny because Raphael was my first crush in high school that lasted for two days lang. Lol

Time for drama… Ert was my first dance that night and everybody knows-he too- that he’s my crush crush. But apparently, I was his second or third dance.

It was the right person, right song artist (Adele) and cute moment (it was drizzling that time which was cute considering Fearless was my song for him) but it wasn’t the right song:

Somehow, I was sad at that time because of what I saw earlier that day plus the song gives me a little indication. See? “Nevermind I’ll find someone like you/I wish nothing but the best for you, too”. But still, I wouldn’t forget that time and I wouldn’t give up yet. Haha. I’m learning a lot these past few days. I still have fourth year high school. Thanks to him though for making my night last February 10.

It wasn’t only for me that the night was sad. It was also for one of my friends who was turned down. Don’t worry, may next JS pa =))

JS Prom was a sweet night to remember. It was wonderful for some and sad for the others. Nevertheless, it gives you inspiration and love and hope for the coming year. I, myself, wouldn’t loose hope that maybe one day, a Jake Rosati would come to my life or maybe a Matty McKibben will somehow realize it in his heart. Until then, I wouldn’t stop being happy for myself. Maybe I’m becoming a masochist. Gosh, I hate being hurt but for all it’s worth, love’s there when it’s there. Like super glue :)

I slept over at Aline’s with Glydel, Joan, Jawea and Kyle. We talked about a lot of things and it was good spending time together with people who makes your day light. Thank you guys!

I would’ve loved it if this played during our JS. Quite addicted to this right now. Euan suggested it last time and I’ve no idea what song this is. When I heard this, I realized it was the song during Bella’s prom in Twilight.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine

Hopeless Romantic,



Next year, I wish I’ll be your 1st and last dance. Whoever you’ll be. And to everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day (I don’t celebrate this, ako na bitter) Haha. #muchlove


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  1. kaeremon says:

    ganda nman ate jyc.
    I like it~

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