L.U.V. U

Welcome to Lamberto Uy Villarama University, Luv U for short. This sitcom premiered on ABS-CBN last Sunday and everybody’s totally hooked. Especially me.

Here’s the plot I got from Wikipedia haha:

“LUV U” is the story of three young girls Camille (Miles), Whitney (Kiray) and April (Angeli), who just transferred to Lamberto Uy Villarama University, or Luv U to finish High School there, where they will also experience about the highs and lows of young love.

It all started when they caught the attention of JB (Marco), Boom (CJ) and Rocky (Igiboy) on their very first day at Luv U. And despite the strict warning of their grandma Lola Paula (Joy), Camille and her cousins continue to pursue the path to teen romance. With all the courtships and attempts on their first kiss, the six teen students will learn a very valuable lesson in life—that you cannot get all straight A’s in love.

Featured in “Luv U” are the talented former Bulilits who are now tweeners like Miles Ocampo, Angeli Gonzales, Kiray Celis, CJ Navato and Igi Boy Flores. The program also introduces young heartthrob Marco Gumabao.

Also jazzing up the stellar cast of “Luv U” are veteran comedians Joy Viado and Smokey Manaloto, together with sizzling hot babe Bangs Garcia.

And the casts:

The school staffs:

Bangs Garcia as Miss Jessica Casimsiman

Smokey Manaloto as Principal Spencer

Cai Cortez as Ms. Becky Belo

Hyubs Azarcon as Mang Ariel

Joy Viado as Lola Paula/Frida The evil/strict/hippy grandmother of Whitney, April and Camille. Teehee

Bentong as Mang Jules, their house yayo

The trio bullies. I love the three of them! Hehe

Rhap Salazar as Maximilio “Max” Mariano, the leader and I have a strong feeling he’s gay! Haha

His gangs, Fredo and Banjo

And of course, the love teams :) Teehee.

Igiboy Flores as Rocky Dominguez. He actually likes Miss Jessica but his friends made him as an excuse to court Camille and April because Lola Paula said only Whitney is allowed to be courted. Yikes!

Kiray Celis as Whitney Muñoz

Angeli Gonzales as April Muñoz, how did Whitney and April became sisters? Just wondering.

CJ Navato as Boom Enriquez, the chick magnet Haha

Miles Ocampo as Camille Sarmiento

And my crush and super love, Marco Gumabao as Joaquin Bartolome “JB” Arellano <3 <3 Yung SMILE niya kasi eh! Heaven!

Catch LuvU every Sunday, 3:15 pm after ASAP!

Like LUV U page on Facebook HERE.


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  1. jolyn says:

    i <3 l.u.u i wish i see cj navato <3 it is jolyngorgonio@yahoo.com

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