Pop Thought: Love or Infatuation?

Confusion is harder than pretend indifference. When you’re confused, you feel like overthrowing your whole house just to find the answers to your questions. So, I suggest that you just act indifferently about the thing that bothers you. Why? Because answers to ‘unanswered questions’ come at unexpected times.

People often say ‘I’m in love’ when they feel a strong affection towards someone. But some says it’s just “infatuation”. What does infatuation mean, then?

Google says infatuation means “to foolishly love” whereas the dictionary says it is a strong feeling of desire/longing towards someone. But then love means “a strong feeling of affection, desire or compassion. So probably, when you’re ‘infatuated’, you’re in love with that person. You only say you’re infatuated because you’re in denial of your own feelings.

How do you say then, when you’re seriously and surely in love with someone? Here’s a text message I received from a classmate of mine: (it’s actually in Tagalog but I translated it to English)

“If you love because of how he/she looks or how he/she dresses, that’s ATTRACTION,

If you love because of his/her sexy body and smooth skin, that’s LUST,

If you love because he/she is witty and hardworking, that’s called CRUSH.

But if you love and you don’t know the reason? That is what you call LOVE. Because love has its own reason that we can never understand.”

Love or infatuation, they’re technically different but you’re still simply, undeniably and basically in love. You still feel a strong longing for someone and sometimes, you just say it’s just infatuation because you’re afraid to admit it to yourself.

Love’s there when it’s there, like super glueYou needn’t deny  your feelings because it’ll show no matter how deep you hide it inside your heart. He/She will still know it. What you should do is evaluate your feelings so you then maybe, you will clear things up to yourself.

As I’ve said earlier, try to act indifferently. Try not to let this matter sink in to you. Let it glide through your brain cells. One day, at a particular and right moment, the answers will pour on you-like rain-when you least expect it. Just remember, don’t overreact.


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