UP Praxis Entry: Dear PNoy

Here’s the essay I made for the essay competition of the socio-civic organization from UP Diliman called “UP Praxis”. The theme is “Dear PNoy”. It should consist of 800-1000 words of things you want to tell our President as a teen. I dunno if this one’s good but I still tried. After all, it’s an awesome chance. So, here it goes:

“Expressionism is the type of art that gives attention to full details. It focuses on distinct forms and natural colors. Expressionism has pure emphasis on emotional expression and subjective qualities.”

That was how our module in Arts described expressionism. Maybe you’ve heard of this before. Well, if you haven’t, it is a type of realism that the Catholics used during the Renaissance period to oppose the stirring Reformation problem.

In this piece of time we call “today”, teens are the expressionists. Maybe, not all of us are into the ‘full details’ of what’s happening in our country, yet when we’re asked of our opinions, we say what we want to say straightforwardly. Some of us ignores, some of us cares. I, for one, care. So, if I have the chance to write a letter to our president, what will I say then?

Being a president is hard, even harder than being a human at all. One false move and your name’s on the newspaper. “Promises are made to be broken” shouldn’t exist in your vocabulary otherwise people will go all-hell because of your unfulfilled vows. The nation demands, critiques and insults from time to time. The problem is, sometimes, when there’s an issue, we overreact and blame it all to the president. But that’s the price of the position President Benigno Aquino III holds.

Dear PNoy, as a teenager, I would like to reach you and tell you that I appreciate and understand all your judgments but then, you should also listen to and reach us in return. A country is gigantic family and everybody’s voices are always needed to be heard.

Philippines is a tropical country situated in Southeast Asia. Our country is known for its wonderful spots and marvelous places. Filipinos, whom we are called, are always in demand in other countries because of our passion for work and unfading intelligence. Yet, it’s sad to say that amidst all these positive qualities, we’re still the center of controversies and scandals.

Do you remember the bus hijack a few years ago where there were foreigners held-up by a dismissed policeman? It took up until late in the night to rescue the victims. The police just stood there for a long time. Some of the hostages even died. And as a result, we’re named as one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Dear PNoy, at a time like this, police and other forces of our country should be trained and picked well. The progress of a whole unit will always start with an individual and if we wouldn’t learn to act smartly on our own, what will happen to the others then? What if one day, we all got held up in a large bus and all the police could do was look and wait for “signals” while deaths count in front of their eyes?

Calamities happen everywhere. Families are greatly affected by these destructions. Some houses are still underwater. Lives were lost and so does the fallen’s hope.

Dear PNoy, I once learned from our Social Studies class that the citizens are the most important part of a nation. Above anyone and anything else, the government should always be the first one to distribute help and not other organizations.

Mining issues in Palawan has been boiling for a long time now. A lot of people disagree with it for it may ruin not just our environment but also our future. My teacher told us one afternoon, in our class that if this mining is initiated, our country’s economic status will rise but the price is big. If mining is initiated, our natural resources will be destroyed. A lot of farmers will lose their jobs because lands will be culminated. There’s also a possibility of suffering from various diseases for mining stirs toxic materials that are not good for our health.

Dear PNoy, I hope that you’ll think better of this issue. Just because the sound of ‘mining’ sounds good for our economic progress, doesn’t mean we will ignore the consequences. Natural resources are still the main concern of our country. We shouldn’t let globalization affect our way of living.

But as a teenager, this is what I really want to tell you:

Dear PNoy, the future of our country lies in your hands and I know that your main goal is to exterminate all the wrong-doers in our government. Whatever your decisions will be, it’ll greatly affect our country. I’m just a mere teen who knows little about how hard it is to be an adult. I’m just a small girl whose problems were just crushes, examinations and to find a way to belong in this world.

I am just an observer from a far place but today, I really would want you to know that the things that you will accept or deny will change my life after ten or twenty years. I want to tell you that I hold on dearly to your promises and plans of following a straight path.

Responsibility is a huge world to carry upon our shoulders but I hope that you remain patient and understanding in every shout of your people. That you’ll always live up to our expectations, the Filipinos.

Dear PNoy, you’re our ferryman and we’re your waiting passengers. The water’s always rough but we should always try our best to reach the other end of the river.

Dear PNoy, you are our beam in this darkness. Keep shining, keep inspiring and keep working for the Filipinos.

#Tagged: The Scream by Edvard Munch (German expressionist)

“I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.”


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