Why The World Needs Superman?

Clark Kent, or rather, Superman as we all know him is my superhero. I was in grade five when I watched Superman Returns (I don’t read hero comics hehe) and the film started with Lois Lane who won an award for her article, Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman?

But today, I want to make my own with the reversed title: “Why The World Needs Superman?” that’ll apply to my sudden burst of drama. I never really understood myself. Sometimes I feel so alone, sometimes I feel jammed. Like three days ago, I was just sleeping in our classroom since we’ve no classes. I woke up and suddenly this idea/theme came to my mind. Guess I’m feeling a little dramatic at that time. (Btw, my favorite word is ‘feeling’/’feel’)

Reality check: Superman does not exist in real life. He’s a mere comic character come-to-life through cartoons and movies. There’s no such this as a man who landed on Earth from an unknown planet. I’m not even sure if there’s a kryptonite that can weaken a man of steel. And yeah, there’s no literal man of steel.

Yet, the world needs Superman. Why? Three reasons:

One, because he can save the world. Superman will risk his own life and happiness to fight villains who sabotage our peace. Superman stands up for dignity and promises. Just one shout, no matter where you are, he will come running to rescue you.

Two, Superman sacrificed his own love to live up to his duties. He left Lois Lane and let her marry another man to give her a normal happy life. He proved that sometimes letting go is easier to let other people carry on and move on and face reality. That there’s no sense in staying in a place which only offers you nothing but danger.

And three, the world needs Superman because every guy should make him as a role model.

I’ve no idea how boys’ minds work or what they want or like to do with their lives. Some of them are hardcore ignorant of other people’s feelings. Some of them are selfish and look up to themselves. Some of them do care. Others are just bipolar and downright jerk that’s very hard to contend with.

But if you’ll ask me? My world needs someone like Superman. I need someone like Superman. I need someone who can save me everytime I’m in danger. Not just in danger, but also when I feel alone in this world.

I need someone who’s sincere and true to his words. Someone who wouldn’t just say things to impress a girl but will do it well.

I need someone who can carry me up above to see the beauty of the world. Only, he won’t be able to do that because humans can’t fly unless they’re in planes or parachutes, etc. But maybe… someone who’ll do his best to do it for me.

My world needs someone like Superman who can sacrifice his own happiness and balance things between his own life and his girls’ life. Someone who doesn’t just think of his own feelings but also of the people around him.

And yes, I need a Superman that can still make me feel loved even if he’s in a very far away place. Even if I can’t reach him.

Does Superman still exist in this time, in this dimension? Is there still a guy out there who’s more than willing to stop a raging car from crashing and bumping the one he loves? Or maybe… “Superman” only exist in movies?

Dear Superman, if you still and do exist, then maybe you can save me right now. Maybe you can make me feel important even once in my life. Maybe not just mine but also the other girls’ heart. Someone who deserves it.

Dear Superman… if you really exist, I hope your sonar power can hear me so you will run fast to get me.

Yes, the world needs Superman because he’s every girl’s dream guy who never happened. And maybe, I deserve him too.

Superman, the world needs you. And I… Well, I need you.




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8 Responses to Why The World Needs Superman?

  1. joshua says:

    :)))) SUPERMAN AKO!! hahaha

  2. Clark says:

    Dear Joyce,

    I just read your blog “Why The World Needs Superman” and I have to say, you did a fantastic job. I’ve actually been a big fan of Superman my entire life, only now an even greater fan. I do look up to Superman as a role model and I always try to do the right thing even when it comes at a price. I now that Superman, the alien who came here from the doomed planet Krypton, does not exist. But I know that the values which Superman represents are real; much more real than what some people can imagine. You know, my nickname is actually “Clark”. Ever since I took up the nickname “Clark”, I’ve tried to be a better person than I was before. I try to be even better than I ever thought was once possible. For the rest of my life I will try to help out others in any way that I can. I joined a volunteer club last year (Circle K) at my college. They are an international volunteering club stationed worldwide. But you know something, after helping out by serving breakfast to the community, cooking up meals for family’s visiting loved ones, and raising money towards charity, that still wasn’t enough for me. I felt as though there has to be something more that I could do to help out the people around me. And I believe that I found my calling. I’ve become a volunteer at the hospital. I’m not going into the medical field nor do I plan on studying medicine. I chose to volunteer simply because I want to help out and give back to the community. Now the concept of a “Superman” hits people the most when its applied not necessarily to volunteering, but to a relationship. Now I want to let you know that there are a lot of guys out there who are truly great people and like to help out others. You said, that you need Superman. Well, there are men out there who have the same values which Superman possesses (honesty, virtue, robust character, independence, and great integrity). When you find a man with these qualities then you will see that a “Superman” does exist. I have a strong drive to become a bright light in the lives of the people I meet and get to know. That’s what makes Superman real. To have the ability to help others and make a positive difference in their lives is a privilege. So don’t get discouraged by the people who say that Superman isn’t real, because they are dead wrong. “Superman” exists in those people who posess the inner qualities that Superman has. “Superman” is an inner quality of goodness and virtue. The writers Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created a character that people could look at and say “Look up in the sky… its Superman”. To find “Superman” you just have to look inside yourself and into the hearts of the people around you, and your’ll soon find the “Superman” that we all know and love.

    – Clark K.

    • Wow. Thank you so much for the comment. I feel really happy that you read it and dug it. I recently has some sort of a “heartbreaking moment” recently. I thought that guy was my “Superman”, but it turned out I was wrong. Gosh, I liked him for two years, but maybe he’s just not the one. I’m only 17 though and I feel there are a lot of people who are better–guys who can actually be “Superman”

      Whoever you are, your comment meant a lot to me :) Are you from the Philippines?

      • Clark says:

        I’m sorry to hear that your heart was broken recently. Its important to realize that Clark Kent ended the relationship he had with Lana because it just wasn’t meant to be even though they loved each other. I’m referring to the Clana from Smallville. Even though they were both great people with great qualities, they just weren’t compatible in the long run. Although you really cared about this guy, your very likely to care even more for the next man who significantly enters your life. The point I’m trying to make is that it does not really matter weather the guy or the girl ends the relationship. The important thing to do is to analyze the relationship, see what went wrong, learn from it, use the experience to grow and become a person, and to finally apply what you learned to your next relationship. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. You definitely see to have the right attitude. And you are right indeed. There are a lot of guys out there who can be your “Superman”. Finding them is the real hard part. When you find him, he will make you feel like the world stands still while your with him and that the two of you are the only people on earth. I’m glad that my comment helped you. I myself am still growing as a person and I will always try to be the better man not only from the people who I interact with but also to be better than myself. I’m always trying to develop a bigger heart and I don’t believe that there’s any limit for me to stop. After all, I would like to think that Superman’s heart has no limits. Why should mine?

        Its funny that you asked me if I was from the Philippines. My mom is actually Filipino. I’ve been to the Philippines many years ago when I was little. I live in N.Y./Metropolis and I’m very proud to be an American. After all, Superman is an American who lives in Metropolis.

        – C.K.

  3. Someone's Superman says:

    I just read this..
    My girlfriend calls me her superman. I never truly understood why. I think I do now. And I’m glad of it too.Thanks for sharing the insight :))

  4. Someone's Superman says:

    Hey, can I use some this one’s writings for a little present I’m making for “her”. This blog article’s got some of the exact lines I’m lookin for.

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