Happy Hunger Games! x

Totally loved the film adaptation of The Hunger Games. Watched it with Aline, Jueann and Faye today.

I couldn’t have thought of a better cast than Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. She’s so intense when it comes to drama. I especially loved how she conveys Katniss’ steely characteristic.

Of course, Josh Hutcherson managed to captivate my heart. Haha. He’s so cute especially during his interview with Caesar Flickerman. The four of us were laughing so hard at that time but the people around us were so quiet I dunno if they’re just taking the movie seriously or they just don’t get the humor.

I was quite disappointed though because a lot of “The Peeta Lines” were cut from the movie. You know like these:

“You here to finish me off, sweetheart?”

“But I bet he knows a bluff when he sees it. Besides you didn’t say that you loved me.”

“I remember everything about you. You’re the only one who wasn’t paying attention.”

And yes, I had them all memorized. I hope they won’t cut a lot of it when they start filming Catching Fire *insert pretty eyes*

Didn’t you feel sad for Gale, though, behind all those Katniss-Peeta sweetness (honestly, I didn’t :p) Liam Hemsworth’s a nice Gale though.

So sad Cato (Alexander Ludwig) had to die at then end of the movie. Huhu.

At the Capitol tributes’ headquarters. I really liked the look of their quarters :p

I also loved how they’re shifting to what’s happening outside the arena. You know, back at District 12, at Caesar and his companion whose name I can’t remember. Also they’re giving out informations about the ‘unfamiliar’ things like the tracker jackers and the Treaty of Treason.

I’m not so impressed with Katniss’ gown during the interview. I was expecting all of the gown was sparkling.

The fire costume during the parade was impressive.

Overall, I loved the movie. From its perfect imitation of the physical looks of the character through the proper plot. Hunger Games has the best movie adaptation for me. It is really the Movie of the Year. Can’t wait for the next installment <3

May the odd be ever in your favor,


P. S.

Be sure to read the books!


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