Rom-Com 101

Our classes are already irregular since last week so Aline and I managed to get out of the school and watch DVDs that we bought from Delgic. We both like romantic comedy movies. My all-time faves are When In Rome and Easy A. So last time, we watched a lot of movies and there are two movies that I really liked.

What’s Your Number?

Anna Faris (House Bunny) as Ally Darling

Chris Evans (Fantastic Four’s Human Torch) as Colin

On her way home after losing her job, Ally Darling comes across a magazine article entitled “What’s Your Number?”, which asks the reader to calculate how many people she has slept with. Realizing that her number is double the average, Ally decides to track down all of her ex-boyfriends in the hope that one of them will have grown into the man she wants to marry, and therefore the number of men she has slept with will never have to increase. With the help of her womanizing neighbor Colin Shea, she manages to find all of her exes, but things do not quite work out the way she had expected.

Although the movie’s received negative reviews and I found it cliche, I still liked it. It was funny and at the same time amazing. Guess I’m always a fan of stories with people looking for their soulmates but don’t realize they’re just right in from of them. I also think Colin has been interested in Ally all along. Haha. I dunno why but everytime Ally’s taking the steps up to their apartment talking about what happened to her and Colin is leaning on the railing listening- I get kilig. Chris Evans and Anna Faris sure do has a lot of chemistry.

This one’s my favorite part in the movie. It’s the ending, yes, but I loved Ally’s effort to look for Colin. I’ve always loved movies with eventful endings <3

Do watch What’s Your Number!

It’s A Boy|Girl Thing

Woody Deane and Nell Bedworth are neighbors and former childhood friends who go to the same high school, but are otherwise completely different. Woody is a popular varsity football player while Nell is a nerdy, literature-loving girl. They loathe each other and are constantly in dispute. One day their class goes on a school trip to a museum and they are forced to work together on an assignment. They quickly begin arguing in front of a statue of the ancient Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. As they argue, the statue casts a spell upon them — causing them to wake up in each other’s bodies the next morning.

Samaire Armstrong as Nell Bedworth

Kevin Zegers as Woody Deane

I know it’s an old movie but it’s a really really really good watch. I especially loved it when they started helping each other to get through each one’s problems: Nell’s interview with Yale and Woody’s football championship. Because of this, they became close and maybe good friends. Woody (whose in Nell’s body at that time) invited Nell (whose in Woody’s body) as his date for the Homecoming but after the game, Woody’s ex Breanna started kissing him after the football game (this was after their souls returned to their body) causing Nell to shut herself out from him but at the night of Homecoming, she came.

I even remember Woody quoting a line from Romeo and Juliet:

“Shall I compare you to a summer breeze…”

Fyi, that means he’s describing Nell as ‘hot‘ Got the connection? If not, oh well. Haha

Rom-coms are often cliche but I still watch them. Hello? It feels good to get kilig at those lines of love and oh, laugh at the funny moments.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy film?


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