Before Summer Starts

Say hello to the wonderful start of vacay! Yay!

Most of my classmates are texting me nonstop of how boring their vacations are. But I’m having fun even if I’m not doing anything. Just watching television or reading books.

Anyway, I was digging in Facebook last Monday and saw that Linette had already uploaded some of the pictures she took with her camera. They were nice shots so I wanted to put it in here.

With Aline and Jue (my loves) during our JS Prom last February

Christmas Party with Shiela, Jean, John Mark and Nikko

And over the last few remaining days of our school, Aline and I were constantly strolling around Citta Grande, her subdivision. One time, I suddenly felt that I want to take pictures anywhere to have something to blog about. But shame on me, we didn’t realize that her phone’s set in a 320×460(?) resolution that’s why these photos are really small. Haha. Just bear with them, will you?

This was when I helped Aline and Rombert extract periwinkle leaves for their SIP

Pro-Earth Nails :p

Aline and Rombert <3

Post-Hunger Games pictures

We had quite a hard time arguing over how to pronounce this :p

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we won’t always see each other. Remember, we’re talking about two bestfriends who’re always having a hard time staying at home. Haha. ‘Sides, we’re gonna watch this new Koreanovela entitled Dream High in her house next week:p

Off to Catanauan tomorrow for some Manrique family reunion :D Have a happy vacation everyone!

This was taken when we finally realized the resolution problem. See? It got bigger. Lol



P. S.

Remember Camp Rock? Jinjayjing means Happy Summer! Though, I don’t know if it’s really spelled that way. Le laughs.


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