Book Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I don’t usually buy books whose written by an author I haven’t heard of before. Also, I’m not entirely impressed if I don’t see a “New York Times Bestseller” in its cover. Or if its cover is not artsy like Perks Of Being  A Wallflower or The Fault In Our Stars, etc.

But before our Holy Week vacation, I took notice of this book in National entitled Before I Fall written by Lauren Oliver. I’ve no idea why I bought it. I think I was just looking for something to read while my brothers and I were in travel. So yeah, I bought it. Good thing, it didn’t disappoint me.

The book is divided into whole seven parent chapters sufficing its description at the back that Samantha Kingston (the lead character)–a beautiful popular girl–had her last day on earth, February 12 (Cupid day) repeated sevenfold as she unleash the mystery surrounding her death.

Apparently, Sam got her snappy character from her b*tchy bestfriend, Lindsay Edgecombe who if you’ll ask me, I wouldn’t even consider a friend. Even if Samantha says good things about her, I still hate her. The “b-word” describes her evenly.

Anyway, after Day One, I can say that the book got interesting.The events were repetitive since as I’ve said earlier, Cupid Day will repeat unless she understands what happened to her.

It was amazing, really, how like Samantha, I also came to understand the things I’m missing on when it comes to my family or the people around me. Like Samantha, I get to realize the importance of life and that you should always make every second count otherwise you’ll regret missing them.

If you’d ask me, I didn’t understand where that chance came from or who gave it or if it’s happening inside her head or if it’s in the in-between. I don’t know. I’ve strained myself but I kind of having a hard time getting an answer. Well, at least Samantha got to smoothe her flaws and wrongs through the chance that was given to her and that’s the real deal here.

I also loved this particular conversation Sam had with Kent– her sort-of childhood friend whose not her friend anymore because of Lindsay and who’s in love with her forever ( I know those kinds of love stories are cliche but but believe me, they’re so sweet):

Sam: “I can’t be fixed, Kent.”

Kent: “You don’t need to be fixed.”

I guess that’s one of the things that I loved in these book: the conversations were simple yet they say a lot.

So, I’m recommending this book to every young/teen readers out there. Once you read this, it will sink in to you very deeply.

Favorite line from the book:

“That’s when I realize that certain things go on forever. Even after they’re over they still go on, even after you’re dead and buried, those moments are lasting still, backward and forward, on into infinity. They are everything and everywhere all at once.”

Hands down,



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