Pop Thought: Bummer Endings

Have you ever watched a Koreanovela that you thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t stop watching until you finished it but then the ending sucked your happy spirits?

To date, I got six Korean dramas that I’ve watched and got hooked to, namely: Princess Hours, City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, Heartstrings, Playful Kiss and my recent watch, Dream High. Of these six, only Princess Hours and BOF made me feel satisfied.

Princess Hours

Everybody knows that this is the number one drama for me. The Royalty stuff fascinated me very much. And of course, the very unique love story captivated me. Who wouldn’t be? Two people of two totally different worlds who were fixed married fell for each other. It was quite crazy and unrealistic to some but I think I believe love makes magic.

I know to myself that I loved the ending because they got married and the pictures in the end showed that they had a child. Though after six or so years, I’m still hoping for a possibility of season two. I miss Gian and Janelle =)

Boys Over Flowers

Oftentimes, when I go to Tumblr, most of the people who blog about BOF hates it. Still, I know deep down inside my heart that A LOT of people loves it. The first time I watched the series, I paid more attention to Yi Jung and Ga Eul, popularly known as the SoEulmates couple. The second time I watched BOF, I came to realize how sweet Jun Pyo and Jan Di is, so I pretty much loved it even better.

As far as I can remember, when Jun Pyo proposed to Jan Di, she wasn’t able to give an answer so we didn’t know if they really got married but there was a satisfaction to it that they did end up with each other. However, just like Princess Hours, I wanted it to have a second season mainly because I’d like to see more and get kilig more. Haha


Jueann made me watch this series. I think the main reason that I decided to see this is because it’s associated with music. The first six episodes were all heartbreaking for me since Lee Shin is still in love with this dance teacher whereas Gyu Won’s in the process of falling for him. at that time. Good thing is, after those few episodes, it became really good. I also love the fact that Lee Shin’s always holding Gyu Won’s hand as if he doesn’t want to let her go.

However, after they’ve done their public performance, the plot kind of faltered for me. I mean, the first twelve episodes or so were focused on that public performance then after they did it, parang na-waley ‘yung story. So I think the ending should’ve been the public performance PLUS the complication of their love story.

Playful Kiss

This one is the most shallow yet funniest Koreanovela that I’ve watched. This one’s a story of a girl who loves that guy all her life and managed to hold on to him until the end. While watching this, I thought what if Ha Ni fell in love with another, would Seung Jo fight for her given that he’s also secretly in love with her or would he just let her go like that? But then, that’d be cliche. I guess, what I learned here is that we have different types  of love stories and no one has the right to contradict other people’s point to it. Well, at least not if it’s really annoying and oozing with idiocy (i. e. yung mga tipong may revenge effect pa)

But again, the ending was unsatisfying because it just ended with this scene when they were kissing in Seung Jo’s car– yung parang momol yung dating. I think, instead of adding a 7-part special episode, they should’ve just squeezed it in the main series. ‘Diba? It would’ve been cuter if PK ended with Ha Ni’s birthday instead of their momol-like scene.

City Hunter

I super loved this one because in this series, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young–collectively known as the MinMin couple–already had that spark. The chemistry is there: the kind that makes you super kilig when you see them together and by just looking at them.

I guess it was the different environment that got me so hooked. Basically, most Kdramas were always about these love triangles and ayaw-sa-kanya-ng-pamilya stuffs but in City Hunter, the third party was Johnny Lee’s mission to expose the five officials that killed the 21 armies on a military mission in NoKor. City Hunter was the first drama that got me gripping the edge of my table so tightly. It was heart-racing, fast-paced and ultramega cool.

‘Course, if you’ve seen it, I know you’d agree with me that it’s ending was VERY DIM. It kind of gives you the impression that they ended up together but then again, given the scene that Johnny’s driving his car without NaNa, makes you think that maybe they parted ways. Honestly, I wasn’t able to sleep after watching it because I’m really thinking about the ending. Nevermind that Princess Hours and BOF don’t get a second season as long as City Hunter gets one.

Dream High

When you look at this drama for the first time, you’d think that it’s an imitation of GLEE or High School Musical. But like a book, you shouldn’t judges this by its cover. Dream High isn’t just a drama with music and people fighting over to stardom. It’s also kind of mystical because of theK pendant that serves as a lucky charm to them.

Like the feeling  I had when watching City Hunter,  I also felt the excitement and amazement. It’s very unpredictable. You know, the kind that keeps you watching it until you get the conclusion. I didn’t regret watching Dream High but I really hated one part of the ending. Because of this drama, I realized most of the Koreanovelas have bummer endings.

The good part of the ending is that everybody fixed their friendships. Gino, Kelly, Jason, Gelou, Marco and Angelie became barkadas. They tried their best to be able to debut out of all the intrigues they suffered.

Good thing, too, that Jason and Gelou had a very happy ending. Throughout the series, the two of them were always like the ray of sunshine in a dim day. Their love story is so cute and they really go nicely together. IU and Wooyoung’s love team were called the Milky Couple.

On the bad side… Gino and Kelly didn’t end up together. This sucked so hard for me. You know what I felt like when they didn’t end up? It feels like you’ve been hoping that this particular person will turn to you and something good will happen but in the end, it didn’t happen. Di mo gets? In short, pinaasa ka lang. I know some people were in favor of Marco but I would really justify my choice.

3 reasons why Kelly should’ve chosen Gino over Marco:

  1. Gino defied his father’s commands to go to US so that he can stay in Korea.
  2. Gino accepted the debut offered to him to prove to his father that he can be better despite the misconception that illegitimate sons are bad eggs.
  3. He did everything, ALL OF IT, for Kelly.

Whenever I look at Kelly and Marco, they seem like siblings. Maybe Marco’s always there for her., he never leaves her side but I guess it isn’t always about that. Marco, for me, is a selfish guy. He doesn’t even want Kelly to pursue her carrier to Julliard. Ugh. Buti pa si Gino. And anyway, Marco and Angelie look better together.

Check out this deleted scene from Dream High. I guess this was episode 14 or 15 before Kelly made her choice whether to go or not to US. If they didn’t delete this, you would not believe she would choose Marco:

Anyway, I know I won’t be able to change the ending anymore. Actually, it didn’t say naman that Kelly and Marco did end up together but there’s a hint to it that if he comes back, Kelly would run to him. But if I have the chance to change it, I would really still  ship Gino and Kelly! TaecZy forever =)

In every show, the opening and the ending are always the most important. You have to have an interesting opening to keep people interested. Yet, you also have to have an awesome ending to make people remember. Well, I’d still watch Koreanovelas as long as they’re nice to watch but I am really hoping to watch something that doesn’t bum me real hard. Right?

Still the Koreana wannabe,


P. S.

I’m planning to watch Dream High 2… is it worth the time? Tell me!


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2 Responses to Pop Thought: Bummer Endings

  1. Marbs Green says:

    I have seen Dream High 2 and yes It is a worth watching korean drama, as you have seen in the ending of dream high 1 kelly run for marco and they nearly kiss and that’s the ending and the start of Dream High 2 is also like that, I dont know the name of the girl who run for marco like what kelly did, and that girl and marco nearly kiss too, i thought it was real but it wasn’t because the director said “cut”, so that gives me the idea that in the start of dream high 2 , marco has his special appearance and his role is an ‘actor’.

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