Walking On Sunshine

Here goes my late Holy Week post :p

Cheers  to an awesome Holy Week! Haha. I spent mine in my beloved provincetown, Catanauan, Quezon with the Manrique’s side of family. At first, I admit I was really homesick even if I’ve been there a thousand times when I was young. Maybe because I’ve been a hardcore city girl the past years that’s why.

Anyway highway, here are some of the photos I grabbed from my Tita Fritzie. Yayyyyy!

My brothers, sister, uncle, aunties with Lola Lucing (she’s my lola sa tuhod) I was in the bathroom taking a bath when they took this. OKAY. Haha

Lolos and Lolas

Goofy uncles. Haha

Ate Mia and Lola Lucing

People and cousins. Wala ulit ako. Yeah yeah.

Tito Boyet, Kibo, Tita Ian and Ate Raine

With my brothers, JM and Daniel and sister, Jaja

Lola Flor

Tomahan. Chenesssss.

The next day, we went to the beach for a little family reunion and to celebrate the christening of my cousin, Mark Anthony. Ain’t he adorable?

And these kids immediately ran off the water. Haha. Personally, I like seas better than pool. Maybe, you don’t know what’s in it but at least, it feels natural. Diba?

Daniel under the sand. Lol.

I didn’t join them since I’m having my monthly problem at that time. Flop. Of all the days. At least I didn’t get a sunburn.

Other people afraid of sunburns. Haha

Because I didn’t join the swimming party, I stayed on the coastline to serve as an eye to my sibs and cousins. Good thing I didn’t get sunburns. Haha. I even had the opportunity to take a picture in the sea.

My new blog and facebook header :p My nickname which people still refuse to use. Ugh. I’ll make sure people will call me this when I turn to college. Kind of tired of being called “Ate Joyce” all the time. Haha

The best thing about going to places is that you get to realize a lot of things about yourself.I, for one thing, realized how much of a city girl I am. When I was in Catanauan, I really missed Lucena amidst all the boringness and noise I’m getting here.

Though, suffice to say, that everytime I go to Catanauan, I feel like I don’t want to leave that place. Maybe because it’s so peaceful, you always feel like it’s not asking too much from you? But when I’m in my provincetown, I also miss my Lola Senia so much that I think I cried a little one time when I was having this nostalgic moment. Anyway, I had a great time there and I know I’ll always miss that one place where I know I truly belong.

Even if Catanauan is not as glamorous as Lucena. Even if the people there aren’t as advance as we are here in our city, at least, I can be genuinely happy there without trying so hard.

City girl,


P. S.

Favorite picture with my sibs and cousin :)


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