Something Borrowed (Plus An Attempt To Express How I Feel)

Every now and then, I would encounter a movie that pretty much leaves an impact in my life. Some of them helps me build up my perspective in love– like When In Rome. Some of them makes me realize the importance of loving yourself more than anyone else– like Easy A. And some of them teaches me that I should make myself be the center of my own universe– like Something Borrowed.

I just love their tagline: “It’s a thin line between love and friendship” :D Yes, I know it’s kinda late but I’m kind of late-updated when it comes to movies before I had my laptop (which I got when I was in second year) I didn’t even know that Something Borrowed was a novel by Emily Griffin. At least not until now. Haha

Something Borrowed tells a story about two best friends: Darcy (Kate Hudson) and Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin).  In the beginning of the movie, Rachel comes into a bar wherein she knows Darcy planned to give her a surprise party for her birthday party and she acted so surprised about it so as not to hurt her best friend’s feelings. Towards then end of the party, Darcy and her fiance, Dex (Colin Egglesfield) leaves so it was only Rachel and Earl (John Krasinski) who were left. As the two of them were waiting for a taxi, Dex came back because Darcy left her purse. Rachel helped him look for it and after they found it, the two of them decided to go to this bar they often come to when they’re still both in law school. While they were having a drink, Rachel unintentionally spilled she had a crush on him when they’re still in college and Dex was of course off guard since he too had a crush on her (up until that moment, actually) so that’s pretty much where the story started.

I know most of you who’re reading this have probably watched the film but if not, you definitely should especially when you have a best friend that you treat almost like a sister. I know, it’s crazy, but I love sulking to romantic films. Sometimes, it’s one of the few things in this world who actually answers the question nobody can’t answer for you.

Anyway, I particularly loved this film despite the fact that Rachel and Dex are cheating on Darcy. At first, Rachel was all-no about it but then she got over after she realized how much she’d given up for Darcy. Imagine ditching a time for yourself because your best friend made you come to this place to help her make your wedding speech? Besides, you wouldn’t find it so much of a cheating anyway because you know that they’re in their right position, it wasn’t just the right time.

I love Earl the most by the way. He’s the one who made Rachel realize that Darcy’s always getting everything she wants and that once and for all Rachel should fight for what she wants.

Favorite say:

Earl: “Maybe you’re not someone’s second choice. Maybe you’re someone else’s first choice.” :)

We were born with this virtue to always give to others. But somehow, we must fight for ourselves, too. We must complain for how we’re being treated otherwise they’ll get used to our niceness and we won’t even notice that they’re already stepping on you. We must fight for what we want and we must always have the valuable reasons for doing it. And if you’re gonna ask me? Rachel did the right thing.

You can’t be a shadow of your best friend forever– or any person AT ALL for that matter. Just because you’re used to each other’s company doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt if s/he did or say anything offensive to you. But for the sake of being friends, you should always understand each other and one should back off if the other feels strongly about his/her opinions.

I’m not one for wars or anything associated with having to verbally accuse other people– trust me. But as Ert told me last night maybe “sumabog” lang talaga ako.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m Rachel. Always giving away, always saying “yes” because my best friend told me to do this and that. I would so happily and uncomplainingly change my schedule to get to this or that place when I’m asked to. I don’t complain because that would turn out like I am ungrateful. Maybe I do wrong things and I admit it and I say sorry immediately when I’m on the wrong side. But for once, that I complained of how I’m being treated… what did I get? I got blamed in return. Sh*t happens, I know.

I was hurt and I know I’ve hurt feelings and I’ve apologized for that and I meant it. Friendship is a relationship that’s hard to develop especially when you treat a friend almost like a sister or brother– a family. But sometimes, you have to save yourself first before you think about others because if you don’t, you’re the loser in the end. And if it would come to a point when I have to choose between saving the friendship or saving myself? Hell, I would save myself. But that doesn’t mean I’ll let anger eat me away either.

Lesson learned:

Action speaks louder than words. But some people are just too blind to hear it.

And for once in my life, I felt like I made the right thing. I don’t care what other people will say anymore or how they will look at it. What matters is, I’d said what I should’ve said a long time ago.

Not your tail,

~Jashaaa ♥

P. S.

Watch the movie, you’ll learn a lot =)


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