Happy Father’s Day, Pops!


Nobody means to me more than my family, especially my Tatay. Everybody knows that daughters will always be Daddy’s little girl no matter how old she is or even if they rarely see each other.

A lot of people knows me by this definition: “The girl whose parents got separated when she was five.” When I was in elementary, I used to really feel bad about it. My friends would often comfort me in times that I would just cry without meaning to. At such young age, I have felt alone yet despite all that, I learned to stand on my own.

Now that I’m sixteen (almost seventeen), I came to understand the circumstances that my family’s in. I’m not anymore that cry-baby who used to feel bad because she can’t attend a Family Day because her parents have no time. I am the girl who finally learned that a physical absence of one doesn’t mean s/he’s lost in your life forever.

I guess the reason why my Mom’s often angry at my brother, Jose Mari, is because he looks so much like my Dad.

My father in his elementary/high school days

My father in his elementary/high school days

Jose Mari's next to me

Jose Mari’s next to me

But enough of these old dramas. I started this post because I want to greet my Tatay a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY :) He has always been there for us. I know at times, he wasn’t able to keep his promise but I know he really tried hard to live up to them. My Dad’s also the kind of guy who gets mad easily but still, he never used bad words in times that we’re being really ‘makulit’.  Lastly, my Dad’s the coolest Dad because he always jokes with us every time he calls to ask how we are.

Jose Alcoreza-Manrique

Jose Alcoreza-Manrique

Happy Father’s Day, Tatay. There are probably times when you feel that we only call you because we always demand for this thing and that. But you should know that we really miss you and we hope to see you.

Your ‘pretty’ daughter,



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